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  • Perfect Partnership
    Perfect Partnership 07.10.21

    Sommet Education, the world’s leading network of hospitality education institutes, has signed an agreement with the Tourism Development Fund (TDF) in Saudi Arabia to support the development of the Kingdom’s tourism sector. Through the partnership, Sommet Education will work with…

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  • Lockdown Love
    Lockdown Love 04.10.21

    By Zara Mckinlay Edinburgh University After spending a year locked up inside my student flat, my gaze has turned inward and I have started romanticising almost everything in sight. (Definitely not my flatmates though so sorry to disappoint if you…

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  • The Driving Factor
    The Driving Factor 16.09.21

    Education drives 4% of residential property purchases by ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) globally, according to Knight Frank. This led to a spend of £2.3 billion in property purchases across London alone in 2020. Demand varies by geography. A greater proportion of…

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  • A Rich Education
    A Rich Education 09.09.21

    What makes a Benenden education unique? With the pace of educational change accelerating, Abode2 spoke to Benenden Head, Samantha Price about how the school is preparing its students for a bright future The Complete Education approach at Benenden is absolutely…

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  • Limitless Luxury
    Limitless Luxury 04.09.21

    When it comes to a career in leadership, few skillsets are as transferable as expertise in luxury service. Julia Millen visited the Glion Institute of Higher Education to discover how they’re raising the bar The traditional high end hospitality-focused roles,…

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  • A Flipped Arrangement?
    A Flipped Arrangement? 26.08.21

    In a post-pandemic world, many of the things we would have only ever considered doing in-person, we now do without thinking online. We are all now so much more open to a combined online/in-person approach to practically every aspect of…

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  • The Bigger Picture
    The Bigger Picture 24.08.21

    Bringing together bright young minds from across the world to study and live together, Aiglon College’s approach to education captures what it means to learn and grow in its truest and fullest sense. Tania Jacobs gleans some valuable life lessons…

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  • Algorithm Angst
    Algorithm Angst 17.08.21

    A year ago, when the prime minister blamed a “mutant algorithm” for A-level students receiving lower than their predicted grades, a new phrase entered political discourse. Since then, the government’s proposed housing algorithm has been labelled “mutant” by the Conservative…

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  • How ESCP Business School’s Bachelor in Management (BSc) Programme Merges Theory with Practice
    How ESCP Business School’s Bachelor in Management (BSc) Programme Merges Theory with Practice 11.08.21

    In the classroom, you are introduced to concepts and theories that build a foundation of knowledge. This comprises what you learn during a business education. When you take that knowledge to an internship or project, you connect what you know to how it applies to…

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