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  • Blind and partially sighted students ‘locked out of post-16 education,’ says report
    Blind and partially sighted students ‘locked out of post-16 education,’ says report 25.11.22

    One visually impaired student described how ‘many young people have lost faith in the education system’ Blind and visually impaired young people are being ‘locked out’ of college due to a ‘fragmented and unreliable system of support’ for those leaving…

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  • Misconceptions About Higher Education Abroad
    Misconceptions About Higher Education Abroad 18.11.22

    Due to the sheer disparity in educational facilities and standards that have traditionally existed between developing and developed countries, higher education mobility has been unidirectional — from developing to developed. The advantages of studying abroad are numerous: from higher-quality education…

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  • Culture Of Acclimatisation
    Culture Of Acclimatisation 26.10.22

    Pat Moores, founder and director of the UK Education Guide, recently stated; ‘Even students who have spent many years in UK secondary schools struggle to make the transition into further education.’ Tania Jacobs delves a little deeper It’s understandably assumed…

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  • A reach Beyond Campus
    A reach Beyond Campus 06.10.22

    By Rob McGuiness – Assistant Head of School, Global and Experiential Education Throughout all grade levels, students at Appleby College engage in a wide range of Experiential Education with a focus on developing global competencies. This is integrated within classroom curricula,…

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  • The Benefits of Boarding
    The Benefits of Boarding 06.10.22

    By Claire Kelly – Assistant Head of School, Student Life  “When our oldest daughter first started at Appleby College in grade 9, we were openly skeptical about the school’s mandatory grade 12 boarding programme. Boy, were we wrong. Boarding was a…

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  • A Unique Learning Experience
    A Unique Learning Experience 03.10.22

    H-FARM International School is an IB boarding school overlooking the Venice lagoon, beneath the shadow of the Dolomite mountains. H-FARM boasts the largest Campus in Europe where students, start-ups, innovators, entrepreneurial managers, and big brands live and work together in…

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  • More Than Just Results
    More Than Just Results 23.08.22

    It takes character to achieve under adversity: by that definition, this year’s Berkhamsted Y13 leavers have demonstrated their character to great effect in their record-breaking A level results. We saw our students work hard to continue their studies throughout Covid…

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  • Widening Participation in Higher Education
    Widening Participation in Higher Education 15.08.22

    Annual statistics on young peoples’ participation in higher education by student characteristics, including eligibility for free school meals, gender, ethnicity, special educational need status, first language and region. The publication focuses on progression rates to higher education by age 19…

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  • T Level Colleges
    T Level Colleges 07.08.22

    Over £74 million has been awarded to colleges to develop 86 T Level projects set to launch in September 2023. The funding will be used to refurbish or upgrade buildings as colleges prepare to deliver new T Levels in courses…

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