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  • A special Salem story 
    A special Salem story  16.09.21

    Head, Heart and Hand: Whenever parents consider a boarding school for their children, most naturally what goes along is their expectation to see them develop into a prosperous personal future. Among all the questions asked at the department of admissions…

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  • A flipped arrangement?
    A flipped arrangement? 16.09.21

    In a post-pandemic world, many of the things we would have only ever considered doing in-person, we now do without thinking online. We are all now so much more open to a combined online/in-person approach to practically every aspect of…

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  • Busting the myths
    Busting the myths 16.09.21

    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020, online learning has become a pivotal feature in daily life for teachers, students and families around the world. Yet, while countless households across the globe have now experienced the many…

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  • Education Evolution
    Education Evolution 12.07.21

    The notion of a traditional education is changing before our very eyes, but just how easy is it to discount the scepticism surrounding a new way of learning, asks Naomi Harrington? Not since World War II have so many countries,…

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  • Virtual Venture
    Virtual Venture 08.07.21

    With schools and colleges at different stages in their post-lockdown recovery, just how will the shift away from the classroom impact the global education market? Tania Jacobs talks to teachers and academics at the virtual coal face to find out…

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  • New Beginnings
    New Beginnings 06.07.21

    The concept of traditional education has radically changed this past year, but just how easy is it to discount the scepticism surrounding a new futuristic way of learning, asks Naomi Harrington? Not since World War II have so many countries…

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  • A Personalised Pathway
    A Personalised Pathway 18.05.21

    What does a personalised online education really mean (for learners at Pearson Online Academy)?  Mickey Revenaugh  One of the biggest benefits of online schooling is the ability to personalise each students’ learning, but what does that actually mean? And how can it be achieved…

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  • A Step Ahead
    A Step Ahead 18.05.21

    An online school in an online learning environment  Elaine Tibbatts  Online learning, digital learning, remote learning, blended learning, ed tech… These are just some of the words that have been used to describe education across the world as schools, colleges…

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  • Empowering Excellence
    Empowering Excellence 18.05.21

    For over 20 years, Pearson has been supporting online schools to engage and flourish. At present, over 105,000 students are using our proven digital platform around the world to support their learning.    Mickey Revenaugh, Vice President, Business Development – Pearson…

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