Abode Meets Education

  • A Good Year
    A Good Year 04.10.21

    Multi-award winning sommelier and professor at the Glion Institute of Higher Education, Paolo Basso knows a good vintage. Abode2 spoke to the oenologist to discover more about this fascinating discipline Paolo Basso is one of 6 sommeliers in the world…

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  • Brave New World
    Brave New World 10.09.21

    Drawing on Harrow’s esteemed history as a world class education provider, while embracing innovative teaching techniques, Harrow Online is leading by example in the distance learning arena. Julia Millen spoke to Heather Rhodes, Principal of Harrow School Online about nurturing…

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  • A Digital Education for A Digital Age
    A Digital Education for A Digital Age 24.06.21

    To find out more about the growing popularity in permanent online schooling, L-J Andrew spoke to Euan MacLean, Principal of My Online Schooling, about the digital schooling environment and experience. What is the biggest benefit of an online education? There…

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  • How To Cultivate ‘A Place of Belonging’
    How To Cultivate ‘A Place of Belonging’ 27.05.21

    Abode2 sits down with Brian Moore, Principal at Rathdown Girls School to  ask him about how, as a school, they encourage, educate and support every student so she can achieve her personal best.   Can you tell us more about…

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