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  • Nurturing Values, Fostering Global Leaders: Our IB Commitment
    Nurturing Values, Fostering Global Leaders: Our IB Commitment 11.09.23

    The International Baccalaureate (IB) program at Stonyhurst is renowned for its commitment to nurturing well-rounded, globally aware individuals. However, what often goes unnoticed is the synergy between the IB program and the values upheld by the Jesuit education tradition. What’s…

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  • New Beginnings
    New Beginnings 10.08.23

    September 2023 heralds, not only a new school year at Old Buckenham Hall, but also a new Head. L-J Andrew caught up with James Large ahead of his first day What made Old Buckenham Hall stand out? OBH has always…

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  • Inspirational Insight
    Inspirational Insight 19.04.23

    Principal of Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, Stefan Anderson, shines a spotlight on some of his life inspirations The place that keeps drawing me back Italy, without question. I’ve taken more holidays there than anywhere else. I love…

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  • Culture Community
    Culture Community 19.04.23

    Knightsbridge School prides itself on creating a happy space for children to fulfil their individual potential. Natalie Flaum spoke to Head, Shona Colaço, to find out how children are encouraged to become the best versions of themselves What makes Knightsbridge School…

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  • Forging Female Leaders
    Forging Female Leaders 12.10.22

    Buckinghamshire’s Wycombe Abbey strives to be a world leader in girls’ boarding education and a place where academic excellence, empathy and integrity thrive. Abode2 reveals why it has been named one of the best private schools in the world Wycombe…

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  • Inside The Head
    Inside The Head 10.10.22

    Samantha Price, principal of the prestigious Benenden School, shares her favourite holiday and travel pastimes with Abode2 The place that keeps drawing me back Pembrokeshire in Wales, because of the beauty of the area, the opportunity to do cold sea…

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  • Training A Champion
    Training A Champion 08.10.22

    Prioritising education while putting students at the core of the tutoring experience, has been shown to deliver outstanding results. L-J Andrew spoke to Champion Tutor Founder, Anna Coulson, and company partner, Tamzin Outhwaite, to find out how this partnered approach…

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  • Top Class
    Top Class 12.09.22

    Set in the heart of Canterbury, The King’s School offers an educational experience that’s second to none. Julia Millen spoke to Head, Peter Roberts about how the school seamlessly blends its rich history with a contemporary outlook What’s the educational…

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  • Broad Experiences, Broader Minds
    Broad Experiences, Broader Minds 17.01.22

    L-J Andrew catches up with Gordonstoun principle, Lisa Kerr, to discover what’s involved in creating a curriculum that’s designed for life Gordonstoun has a rich and fascinating history. Is there a singular, defining moment that has shaped the school? Due…

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