Students’ Corner

  • Minds Matter
    Minds Matter 11.02.22

    The UK government has recently announced it is setting up an education committee to examine children’s mental health and wellbeing, Abode2 gets more detail The cross-party Committee will use the session to question experts on how the pandemic has impacted…

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  • Gap Year Growth
    Gap Year Growth 17.01.22

     By Tia Van Loggerenberg Sometimes, starting university right after high school isn’t for you. Maybe you aren’t sure what to study, you want to travel and experience the world before getting back on the academic treadmill, or there are personal…

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  • Lockdown Love
    Lockdown Love 07.01.22

    By Zara Mckinlay Edinburgh University After spending a year locked up inside my student flat, my gaze has turned inward and I have started romanticising almost everything in sight. (Definitely not my flatmates though so sorry to disappoint if you…

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  • Buzzy Bees for Biodiversity
    Buzzy Bees for Biodiversity 10.09.21

    By Finn Leonetti of Merchiston Castle School Here at School, we have a beautiful site which is brilliantly maintained. However, this does not always benefit insects and pollinators such as bees. Therefore, there are a few sites on the school…

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