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  • Students call for cap on Glasgow University population
    Students call for cap on Glasgow University population 27.11.22

    The University of Glasgow’s student council is calling for a cap on numbers over claims the student population has grown 40% in just five years. It said 10,000 additional students had put a strain on accommodation and was damaging their…

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  • New Head at Old Buckenham Hall School
    New Head at Old Buckenham Hall School 23.11.22

    Old Buckenham Hall School is delighted to announce the appointment of James Large as the new Head with effect from September 2023. “It is with great pleasure that I write to introduce myself, having accepted the role of Head from…

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  • NI Education: Most primary schools ‘not providing enough PE’
    NI Education: Most primary schools ‘not providing enough PE’ 13.11.22

    About three-quarters of primary schools are not providing the recommended amount of physical education (PE) classes, according to the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI). Department of Education guidance is that pupils should have at least two hours of PE each…

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  • Legacy Learning
    Legacy Learning 30.10.22

    Since 1912, Queen Ethelburga’s has provided students with a vibrant and supportive school community in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside. George Banns talks to Principal, Daniel Machin, to find out how they continue to build on its heritage Can you…

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  • Culture Of Acclimatisation
    Culture Of Acclimatisation 26.10.22

    Pat Moores, founder and director of the UK Education Guide, recently stated; ‘Even students who have spent many years in UK secondary schools struggle to make the transition into further education.’ Tania Jacobs delves a little deeper It’s understandably assumed…

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  • Happy Days
    Happy Days 24.10.22

    Julia Millen speaks to David Bradbury, Headmaster at Portland Place School about how schools are moving away from being highly pressurised environments in favour of happy spaces where children can flourish Portland Place School is an independent co-educational school for…

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  • Preparation Is Key
    Preparation Is Key 21.10.22

    Experiences at the very start, affect the entirety of a child’s learning journey. To discover more about how they shape a solid educational foundation, Rachael Bryant visited Junior King’s, Canterbury An historic school, founded in 1879, but one that is never…

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  • Results Review
    Results Review 11.10.22

    After exams were sat for the first time in three years, L-J Andrew investigates the effect on this year’s GCSE results Students this year faced a prospect that hasn’t been heard of over the last few years; having results graded…

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  • Inside The Head
    Inside The Head 10.10.22

    Samantha Price, principal of the prestigious Benenden School, shares her favourite holiday and travel pastimes with Abode2 The place that keeps drawing me back Pembrokeshire in Wales, because of the beauty of the area, the opportunity to do cold sea…

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