Further Education

  • A Unique Learning Experience
    A Unique Learning Experience 03.10.22

    H-FARM International School is an IB boarding school overlooking the Venice lagoon, beneath the shadow of the Dolomite mountains. H-FARM boasts the largest Campus in Europe where students, start-ups, innovators, entrepreneurial managers, and big brands live and work together in…

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  • More Than Just Results
    More Than Just Results 23.08.22

    It takes character to achieve under adversity: by that definition, this year’s Berkhamsted Y13 leavers have demonstrated their character to great effect in their record-breaking A level results. We saw our students work hard to continue their studies throughout Covid…

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  • Widening Participation in Higher Education
    Widening Participation in Higher Education 15.08.22

    Annual statistics on young peoples’ participation in higher education by student characteristics, including eligibility for free school meals, gender, ethnicity, special educational need status, first language and region. The publication focuses on progression rates to higher education by age 19…

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  • T Level Colleges
    T Level Colleges 07.08.22

    Over £74 million has been awarded to colleges to develop 86 T Level projects set to launch in September 2023. The funding will be used to refurbish or upgrade buildings as colleges prepare to deliver new T Levels in courses…

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  • Letter to the Secretary of State for Education
    Letter to the Secretary of State for Education 20.07.22

    Danny Mortimer wrote to the Education Secretary to share concerns from employers across the NHS on the impact of scrapping BTECs on workforce crisis. Over 100 NHS organisations have told us that they have serious concerns about the government’s policy…

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  • Higher Ed: Trouble Ahead
    Higher Ed: Trouble Ahead 22.06.22

    Low student satisfaction and rising deficits spell trouble for higher education in England Higher education providers face long-term, systemic, pressures on their financial sustainability and viability, with the proportion of providers with an in-year deficit having increased in every one…

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  • Readdressing the Balance
    Readdressing the Balance 26.05.22

    All international students need more help to adjust to university Even students who have spent many years in UK secondary schools struggle to make the transition, says Pat Moores, founder and director of the UK Education Guide. It’s understandably assumed…

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  • The University of Life
    The University of Life 13.03.22

    What do students become as a result of their higher education experience? Abode2 explores how a learning framework can help students understand their transition from higher education to the professional world as well as support their holistic experience of university…

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  • London Leading The Way
    London Leading The Way 11.03.22

    Adobe2 explores how a new adult education quality mark could take the edge on future bids for funding. London appears to be the first authority with a devolved adult education budget to introduce its own quality mark scheme of this kind….

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