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  • The University of Life
    The University of Life 13.03.22

    What do students become as a result of their higher education experience? Abode2 explores how a learning framework can help students understand their transition from higher education to the professional world as well as support their holistic experience of university…

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  • London Leading The Way
    London Leading The Way 11.03.22

    Adobe2 explores how a new adult education quality mark could take the edge on future bids for funding. London appears to be the first authority with a devolved adult education budget to introduce its own quality mark scheme of this kind….

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  • Royal Rural Career
    Royal Rural Career 09.03.22

    Abode2 reports on plans for a new education centre at Dumfries House in Scotland The Prince’s Foundation has received planning permission for a new education centre at its Dumfries House headquarters in Scotland. Since 2017, the charity has earned recognition…

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  • In The Fast Lane
    In The Fast Lane 07.03.22

    Abode2 discover Sommet Education’s newly launch fast-track career-impact programmme In line with its promise of consistently implementing education programme tailored to the fast-evolving world of the hospitality industry, Sommet Education has designed a portfolio of Executive Programmes offered at two…

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    The value of play is increasingly recognised by researchers, for adults as well as children, as the evidence mounts of its relationship with intellectual achievement and emotional well-being. Case Study – Hazel Chidgey – Head of Arts Faculty and Design…

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  • Schools Score Highly
    Schools Score Highly 25.02.22

    Abode2 explores how good schools always win out when it comes to home sourcing for families Dinner party chat suggests that parents share the same viewpoint; that their children’s education is essential to get right. Getting children into highly rated…

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  • Ivey Business School Dean Sharon Hodgson
    Ivey Business School Dean Sharon Hodgson 23.02.22

    Abode2 Interviews Dean Sharon Hodgson of Ivey Business school. What sets Ivey Business School apart?   Ivey’s Case Method Learning truly sets the school apart. It isn’t just teaching, it’s about instilling powerful decision-making skills that will stay with you long…

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  • The Home of Academic Excellence
    The Home of Academic Excellence 22.02.22

    The British School of Brussels (BSB) is an independent, fee-paying, non-profit-making international school which occupies a beautiful site of ten hectares, surrounded by woodlands and lakes in Tervuren, which is 20–25 minutes by car from the centre of Brussels. It…

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  • A New Dawn
    A New Dawn 21.02.22

    In a recent report, Jisc explores the experience of 2020 and changing aspirations of the nature and shape of learning and teaching for this academic year The findings clearly show an expansion of online learning and that blended learning across…

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