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  • Par Excellence
    Par Excellence 28.10.22

    Bringing international and bilingual programmes under a Swiss curriculum to the heart of Dubai, Tania Jacobs sits down with Alison Roberts, Head of Admissions at Swiss International Scientific School to explore how they apply their unique vision of learning excellence…

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  • Culture Of Acclimatisation
    Culture Of Acclimatisation 26.10.22

    Pat Moores, founder and director of the UK Education Guide, recently stated; ‘Even students who have spent many years in UK secondary schools struggle to make the transition into further education.’ Tania Jacobs delves a little deeper It’s understandably assumed…

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  • Happy Days
    Happy Days 24.10.22

    Julia Millen speaks to David Bradbury, Headmaster at Portland Place School about how schools are moving away from being highly pressurised environments in favour of happy spaces where children can flourish Portland Place School is an independent co-educational school for…

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  • Preparation Is Key
    Preparation Is Key 21.10.22

    Experiences at the very start, affect the entirety of a child’s learning journey. To discover more about how they shape a solid educational foundation, Rachael Bryant visited Junior King’s, Canterbury An historic school, founded in 1879, but one that is never…

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  • The Benefits of Boarding
    The Benefits of Boarding 19.10.22

    Tracey Martel explores how Appleby College’s Boarding Life programme plays an integral part in the school’s educational experience This past September, Appleby once again welcomed 274 boarding students from over40 different countries and nationalities to its campus in Oakville, Ontario,…

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  • Best Of British
    Best Of British 17.10.22

    Panoba are leading global education and lifestyle management consultants who work with international families, to place their children in elite UK boarding schools. Natalie Flaum spoke to co-founder Debbie Gispan to find out more What inspired you to set up…

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  • Brave New World
    Brave New World 12.10.22

    Drawing on Harrow’s esteemed history as a world class education provider, while embracing innovative teaching techniques, Harrow School Online is leading by example in the distance learning arena. Julia Millen spoke to Principal, Heather Rhodes about nurturing tomorrow’s global talent…

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  • Strong Finish
    Strong Finish 12.10.22

    Celebrating 60 years, Surval Montreux’s Principal, Ms Nicola Dudley, shares the school’s heritage and highlights its relevance in tomorrow’s world At Surval Montreux, now an established international boarding school for girls aged 12-19, we are proud of our heritage as…

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  • Forging Female Leaders
    Forging Female Leaders 12.10.22

    Buckinghamshire’s Wycombe Abbey strives to be a world leader in girls’ boarding education and a place where academic excellence, empathy and integrity thrive. Abode2 reveals why it has been named one of the best private schools in the world Wycombe…

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