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  • Welcoming Maison Décotterd
    Welcoming Maison Décotterd 29.10.21

    Three months after Stéphane Décotterd joined Glion Institute of Higher Education, the multi-award Chef together with the prestigious hospitality management school institution celebrates the creation of Maison Décotterd. Maison Décotterd is a gastronomic destination with three unique spaces including the…

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  • A British Education in Brussels
    A British Education in Brussels 04.10.21

    With a multifaceted educational programme and a wealth of extra-curricular activities, the British School of Brussels offers pupils an enriching education. Rhys Mumford, Admissions Of­ficer, provides a privileged insight into school life Relocating to another country is daunting at the…

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  • Alpine Adventure
    Alpine Adventure 20.09.21

    Nestled on a sunny Swiss Alpine plateau surrounded by nature, you will ­find Préfleuri International Boarding School. James Matthews visited the prestigious school for an exclusive tour Pré­fleuri is an exclusive international boarding school in the Swiss Alps that caters…

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  • Limitless Luxury
    Limitless Luxury 04.09.21

    When it comes to a career in leadership, few skillsets are as transferable as expertise in luxury service. Julia Millen visited the Glion Institute of Higher Education to discover how they’re raising the bar The traditional high end hospitality-focused roles,…

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  • The Bigger Picture
    The Bigger Picture 24.08.21

    Bringing together bright young minds from across the world to study and live together, Aiglon College’s approach to education captures what it means to learn and grow in its truest and fullest sense. Tania Jacobs gleans some valuable life lessons…

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  • Education Par Excellence
    Education Par Excellence 08.08.21

    Founded in 1927, St. George’s International School offers Boarding and Day school programmes, which blend together to make a unique learning environment. By Tamara Baxter What makes St. George’s International School unique? The school takes pride in its bespoke learning…

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  • Let’s Dance
    Let’s Dance 27.07.21

    As leaders in a humanistic approach to education, Ecole d’Humanite champions the importance of dance as a way of bringing students from many nationalities together. Julia Millen visited the school to embrace some expressive art Dance is something that transcends…

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  • A Rich Education
    A Rich Education 07.07.21

    Schule Schloss Salem’s philosophy is built on seven pillars. Serena Templeton spoke to Head of Admissions, Dr. Stephanie Nau to find out how the school delivers a holistic education Germany’s biggest and most famous international boarding school was founded by…

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  • Sail Away
    Sail Away 06.07.21

    As the world’s oldest active fully rigged tall ship prepares for her next journey around the Atlantic, a privileged crew of students are privy to an invaluable life experience, as Julia Millen discovers Sail across the world and live a…

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