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  • Misconceptions About Higher Education Abroad 18.11.22

    Due to the sheer disparity in educational facilities and standards that have traditionally existed between developing and developed countries, higher education mobility has been unidirectional — from developing to developed. The advantages of studying abroad are numerous: from higher-quality education…

  • Results Review 11.10.22

    After exams were sat for the first time in three years, L-J Andrew investigates the effect on this year’s GCSE results Students this year faced a prospect that hasn’t been heard of over the last few years; having results graded…

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  • Forging Female Leaders 12.10.22

    Buckinghamshire’s Wycombe Abbey strives to be a world leader in girls’ boarding education and a place where academic excellence, empathy and integrity thrive. Abode2 reveals why it has been named one of the best private schools in the world Wycombe…

  • Inside The Head 10.10.22

    Samantha Price, principal of the prestigious Benenden School, shares her favourite holiday and travel pastimes with Abode2 The place that keeps drawing me back Pembrokeshire in Wales, because of the beauty of the area, the opportunity to do cold sea…

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