Sail Away


As the world’s oldest active fully rigged tall ship prepares for her next journey around the Atlantic, a privileged crew of students are privy to an invaluable life experience, as Julia Millen discovers

Sail across the world and live a life of adventure, sailing, and exploring exotic cultures while completing grade 11, 12, or a gap year.  A + World Academies provides students with the opportunity to undertake an elite global educational endeavor. Students embark on a 10-month journey that takes them to over 15 ports of call across the Atlantic Ocean as they attend a fully accredited high school on the world’s oldest active fully rigged tall ship. We equip our students with maritime training, allowing them to take on the responsibilities required to sail and maintain our beautiful ship the Sørlandet. Our student’s lives are transformed as the program creates an atmosphere of self-actualization. Ship life is structured in a way that allows for the discovery of self and the world. Aboard the ship, students enter into a close-knit community of peers that experience the world rather than looking at photos on social media or reading about cultures from a textbook. This experience creates resilient, globalized, and confident young adults who are ready to become the global leaders they are meant to be.

Students can choose from standard classes, Pre-AP®, or AP® courses taught by on-ship teachers as they sail from port to port. Once in port, students will participate in one of the most unique educational experiences on Earth. The service-learning opportunities will bring students into contact with diverse topics such as the effects of tourism on the ecological environment, loss of biodiversity, water crisis’ in urban cities, and social issues shared around the world. Students then venture into these affected areas and take part in providing sustainable solutions. These types of problem-solving service-learning experiences are replicated in a number of ports around the world. A+ World Academies' educational philosophy promotes an abundance of curiosity and wonder as our students tackle real-world problems. Throughout the voyage, global education will also include unique cultural activities like camel riding in Morocco and unforgettable adventures like climbing volcanoes on secluded islands.

These robust growth opportunities coupled with our unique learning environment lead to elite graduates who stand apart from the rest in their university applications.  In fact, their alumni attend top universities in countries across Europe and North America. We are currently enrolling students in our 2023/2024 school year.


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