Let’s Dance


As leaders in a humanistic approach to education, Ecole d’Humanite champions the importance of dance as a way of bringing students from many nationalities together. Julia Millen visited the school to embrace some expressive art

Dance is something that transcends all cultures and that people around the globe have in common. Since the times of our earliest ancestors it’s been an outlet to express ourselves. We at the Ecole, view dance as a unifying force that brings us together as a community and allows us to show our togetherness whilst keeping fit at the same time.

For over 75 years, our school has shimmied, rocked and tapped to the beat of our unique philosophy. We frequently practice folk dancing as this was developed to reflect the life of people from a certain country or region, and therefore echoes the cultural diversity of our school. We are also lucky enough to work with Karuna Richard, who has danced professionally in New York and Hawaii and offers our students contemporary and modern dance classes. As such, Kuruna works with the pupils to choreograph creative shows and performances, which take place both in and outside, where our pupils can be seen dancing with the mountain panorama in the background.

David Lucius-Clarke, marketing coordinator at the Ecole d’Humanite says “I was amazed when I witnessed for the first time the happiness that our pupils exhude as a group, and I was pulled in to participate as well”.  David continues, “After my initial nerves and self-consciousness, I was quickly overwhelmed by the incredible atmosphere. This very special and unique experience links Ecolianer all over the world and is something we celebrate together at our reunions.

So let’s dance and make the world a better place, united in the joy of movement


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