The Creative International Boarding School in the Bernese Alps


A school for freestylers and innovators

The world is sometimes a crazy place, never more so than today. Over the last few decades what was once science fiction has become science fact. Advances in technology, in all areas, from communication to medicine have changed our lives. What still rings true, however, is that we all yearn for closeness to nature and any amount of progress can never replace our families, friends and communities. These things are an integral part of our existence and are just as important as they ever were. Without these things we are building our house on sand. This is what we believe at the Ecole d'Humanité. In our global village in the beautiful and wild Bernese Alps, we do our best to equip the young adults of tomorrow to cope with the many challenges they may face as they go through life. How do you prepare young people for the ups and downs of existence? What are the key skills you need?

More than ever, adaptability, resilience, creativity and a “can do” attitude are in focus. At the Ecole d’Humanité, our pupils face daily challenges and master them as a team. We encourage them to be critical thinkers and not to be afraid to offer an opinion, whilst always being prepared to help others and see the big picture.

Our credo is: Become who you are – express yourself, discover your limits and find your true identity. Do your thing.


Freestylers. Diligence, determination, and calculated risk-taking are needed here to land a cork

Hikers. Stamina, endurance, cheerfulness, and survival skills

Mountaineers. Keeping a cool head and supporting those around you when the going gets tough

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