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Opened in September 2023, Rugby School Japan (RSJ), is located in Kashiwanoha, a hub of education, innovation, and entrepreneurship just 30 minutes from central Tokyo. As the second international school established by the prestigious Rugby School group, RSJ offers a co-educational, day and boarding experience for pupils aged 11-18 years, combining the excellence of a British education with the unique benefits of being in Japan.

The Founding Principal, Tony Darby, brings 14 years of experience from Rugby School in the UK, having served as a Housemaster and Head of Economics. Central to the school’s ethos is the Rugby Learner Profile, promoting enquiry, communication, global-mindedness, versatility, reflection, and resilience. With the motto 'The Whole Person, The Whole Point', RSJ nurtures students to be kind, inclusive, courageous, and curious.

RSJ is a British curriculum school with nearly 40 qualified teachers (mostly UK), following accreditation with COBIS, FOBISIA and offering Cambridge/AQA and Pearson Edexcel exams. The 10-acre campus with boarding facilities features bespoke Science labs, studios, theatre, pool, sports hall and courts.

Beyond academics

Rugby School Japan Kashiwanoha Tokyo

Boarding at Rugby School Japan goes beyond traditional dorms, fostering a supportive home environment. Students manage daily routines, academics, and activities, building independence and responsibility. This structured setting cultivates essential life skills like time management and self-discipline.

Boarding houses are melting pots of cultures, with students from diverse backgrounds living and learning together. This fosters mutual respect, intercultural competence, and communication skills – crucial assets in our globalised world.

Academic excellence

Rugby School Japan Kashiwanoha Tokyo UKMT

Students have excelled in UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) competitions

State-of-the-art resources and dedicated staff ensure a nurturing environment for focused study. Personalised guidance from housemasters and tutors helps students reach their full potential.

Boarders have unparalleled opportunities to explore and develop talents in sports, arts, and more. This holistic approach enhances academic performance and fosters well-rounded individuals.

RSJ, which opened in September 2023 with 140 students, has quickly established itself as a beacon of academic excellence. In its inaugural year, the school’s students have already achieved remarkable success in the highly regarded UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) competitions.

Discover more at rugbyschooljapan.ed.jp, email admissions@rugbyschooljapan.ed.jp, or call +81 (0) 471 68 0536.

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