How online schools are completely different to pandemic remote learning


Over the past few years, numerous students, parents, and teachers alike have struggled with emergency at-home education during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, while the words “online school” may bring the same picture of remote learning to your mind, a true online school is a vastly different experience. 

The best purpose-designed online schools have been providing students with a high-quality and flexible education since long before lockdowns began — and King’s InterHigh is a prime example. With over 15 years of experience, King’s InterHigh is the leading British online school with over 10,000 successful alumni worldwide.  

But what makes virtual schools like King’s InterHigh so different to the remote learning many students have experienced recently? 

Designed for online 

Unfortunately, providing remote education isn’t as simple as moving traditional teaching to a virtual space. Many teaching methods that excel in person simply don’t work online, and numerous physical schools lacked the experience and know-how to create an online school from scratch with no notice. 

King’s InterHigh, on the other hand, has been designed and optimised for online learning, specifically developing digital-first methods of virtual education since 2005. Live and interactive classes, innovative technology, and online teacher training are just a few of the foundations of King’s InterHigh’s proven online teaching model. 

Creates a community 

On top of providing education, schools have always served as a place where young people can come together and socialise with friends. Alongside keeping students happy, socialisation is also a crucial part of childhood development, helping students develop essential communication skills for future life. 

Without physical schooling in place during lockdowns, many students struggled to keep up bonds and improve their communication — particularly younger children with no access to social platforms. At King’s InterHigh, however, every student is part of a warm, thriving community. From online common rooms to virtual clubs to a safe, pupil-only social media platform, there are numerous ways for students to chat and befriend each other. 

Students in need of extra support will also find communication avenues with their teachers and school staff at King’s InterHigh. A dedicated health and wellbeing team works to provide nurturing support and guidance, while tutors hold regular workshops and sessions to address struggles and build personal skills. 

Revolves around students  

There’s no doubt that school teachers around the world gave their best efforts to making remote learning work during a tumultuous period. Of course, this focus on providing emergency education meant there was little time to give students individual attention when they may have needed it most.  

King’s InterHigh, on the other hand, is designed to revolve around each student’s needs, fulfilling their unique potential no matter their past background or future aspirations. 

Flexibility is one of the key ways online schools make learning more individualised. For example, while all King’s InterHigh classes are taught live, they’re also recorded for viewing at any time. From illness to outside commitments, students can always balance their everyday lives with their schoolwork, all without falling behind. King’s InterHigh also maintains small class sizes and tutor groups of no more than 20 to ensure every student gets the level of attention they deserve.  

Whether your family has been struggling with pandemic learning or you simply want to bring your child the benefits of online schooling, King’s InterHigh welcomes you, with admissions open throughout the year. To learn more about how your child could excel at King’s InterHigh, visit the website or attend a virtual open day. 

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