Fair Play Education to have valid IOF Athlete License


IOF Athlete License holders are for the first time required to complete an e-learning course on Fair Play to have a valid license.

The IOF Fair Play Education is available through e-learning courses on education.orienteering.sport – also accessible from the “Learn and Meet” tab in the top menu of orienteering.sport.

Dedicated courses have been developed for athletes in all four disciplines. It is recommended for everyone taking part in IOF competitions, including all team officials, and mandatory for Athlete License holders.

The IOF Athlete License is needed for athletes participating in Senior (Elite M/W 21) World Championships and World Cup competitions. The licence is annual and is valid for all orienteering disciplines.

Further, IOF is currently also developing a more basic and visual fair play education course with youths as the main target group.

IOF’s e-learning with fair play education is one of six deliveries from the IOF Fair Play Project started after the IOF 2020 General Assembly. The ambition of the initiative is to raise awareness of fair play issues, reflection on how to deal with them and increased knowledge of IOF’s competition rules, which is strengthened related to fair play.

All courses are free. You need to enrol to get access to the content of the courses, and this is for the tool to keep track of your progress and to give you a tailored certificate when a course is completed.

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