Company Class: Why higher education is still important in entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship – the business of making one’s ‘side hustle’ successful – is not for the faint of heart. Indeed, being a business entrepreneur brings with it many challenges. Not least, maintaining some degree of work/life balance! As an entrepreneur, taking time out for yourself can be challenging. As such, when focusing almost all your time on your business, your personal life can suffer. Important things – things like your general and mental well-being, your physical health and fitness, as well as your education and self-development – can, admittedly, fall by the wayside when focusing all your energy on making your side hustle happen.

Nevertheless, entrepreneurs in particular, need to take the time to pursue higher education. Higher education is essential for all entrepreneurs – not only to ensure that they are intelligent, well-rounded individuals – but also to assist them in developing the necessary skills, techniques and knowledge required for a successful career in entrepreneurship. Of course, being an educated entrepreneur is no mean feat. But, by staying educated and keeping abreast of the educational advances in their chosen field or industry, an ambitious side hustler can succeed in entrepreneurship, and indeed, in life.

Education for Entrepreneurs: What are the Best Tertiary Degrees to Undertake for a Successful Career in Entrepreneurship?

To be a successful entrepreneur, it is advisable to undertake the study of tertiary qualifications that will assist you in succeeding in your chosen entrepreneurial career. For example, a Master of Business Administration – also known as an MBA – is an excellent choice of course of study for the budding entrepreneur. Admittedly, when focusing on building your entrepreneurial side hustle, balancing study commitments with your work demands can be challenging. That is why studying online is a fantastic option for entrepreneurs. The wonderful thing about studying online is that students can choose to study wherever, however, and whenever they wish.

Entrepreneurially minded students wishing to undertake a Master of Business Administration, for instance, are recommended to complete an MBA online. This flexible mode of study enables busy entrepreneurs to fit study and completion of an MBA into their already hectic work schedules. This is because studying via online methods enables students to access the course material in their own time. Additionally, when studying online, there is no requirement for students to attend in-person, on-campus lectures or tutorials. Nor do they need to fit in with rigid university timetables or be subjected to compulsory attendance classes. This, of course, allows online students who are aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs more freedom to pursue their side hustle and business goals!

To clarify, the coursework covered within an MBA degree generally focuses on units detailing how to manage people and organisations, as well as how to develop and perfect one’s leadership skills. Often, it will look at the techniques involved in financial accountability and risk assessment, as well as the methodology of decision-making, business analysis and innovation, and the theories involved in strategic and organisational direction. Through an MBA degree, a student can gain the vital skills needed to perform at a high level, and indeed, to be their own boss. Further, once the course is complete, an MBA graduate can feel confident in their ability to lead, manage others, and make strategic decisions within their own business.

How to Manage Burnout while Studying and Building Your Business

When side-hustling, studying and doing it all, it can be hard to avoid burnout. High levels of stress, fatigue and feeling generally overwhelmed can contribute to this. The best way to avoid burnout, then, as an ambitious and entrepreneurial student, is to prioritise your wellness with self-care techniques. Taking time to rest and fill your cup in your downtime by doing things you love, is extremely important. Meditation and mindfulness can also do wonders for easing stress levels, gaining perspective, and encouraging a sense of calm and control. Also, taking care of your physical health and well-being through a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is just as important. By taking the time to look after yourself, your well-being will flourish. This will enable you to bring your best self to your business, and in turn, assist you in reaching your entrepreneurial, educational, and business goals.

There is no doubt about it, education and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Admittedly, it can be extremely challenging to balance the two. However, for ambitious individuals who are serious about pursuing a career as an entrepreneur, learning to juggle multiple pursuits and facets of self-development is essential. Of course, the benefits of higher education for entrepreneurs are massive. Perhaps more importantly, taking on a higher education degree is never something one will regret – especially when trying to get ahead.

Source: www.macrobusiness.com.au

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