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  • Education For All Top Priority: Al Nuaimi
    Education For All Top Priority: Al Nuaimi 06.07.22

    Qatar participated in the Transforming Education PreSummit, held at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in Paris. Qatar’s delegation was headed by Minister of Education and Higher Education and Chairman of the Qatar National…

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  • A Unique Education Experience in The Netherlands
    A Unique Education Experience in The Netherlands 24.06.22

    An interview with Nikki Holterman, Director at Eerde International Boarding School, talks to Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor of Relocate Global, about the schools deep local and global connection and the benefits of a small school with small class sizes. Eerde…

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  • Readdressing the Balance
    Readdressing the Balance 26.05.22

    All international students need more help to adjust to university Even students who have spent many years in UK secondary schools struggle to make the transition, says Pat Moores, founder and director of the UK Education Guide. It’s understandably assumed…

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  • Education in a Post-pandemic World
    Education in a Post-pandemic World 11.05.22

    Local education leaders discuss how the pandemic and racial reckoning have affected schools — and how we can move forward. While Washington schools were able to pivot to address some of the emergencies that came into focus during the pandemic,…

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  • The Sound Of Music
    The Sound Of Music 06.04.22

    With music playing a central role in Ecole d’Humanite’s educational philosophy, Julia Millen spoke to Stefan Bregy, founder of the  innovative ECOLE. sounds to discover how this unique project is interpreted by student Can you describe the Ecole Sounds project and how…

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  • Food For Thought
    Food For Thought 02.02.22

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 50% of adults in America struggle with preventable chronic diseases that are related to poor eating patterns. Obesity affects 19% of children and 42% of adults, costing taxpayers…

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  • Canterbury to Cambodia
    Canterbury to Cambodia 28.01.22

    As Eleanor Prescott is announced as Founding Principal of The King’s School, Vattanacville in Cambodia, Abode gets the latest on the appointment  The King’s School, Canterbury and Vattanac Properties are delighted to announce Eleanor Prescott as the Founding Principal of…

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  • Limitless Luxury
    Limitless Luxury 04.09.21

    When it comes to a career in leadership, few skillsets are as transferable as expertise in luxury service. Julia Millen visited the Glion Institute of Higher Education to discover how they’re raising the bar The traditional high end hospitality-focused roles,…

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  • The Bigger Picture
    The Bigger Picture 24.08.21

    Bringing together bright young minds from across the world to study and live together, Aiglon College’s approach to education captures what it means to learn and grow in its truest and fullest sense. Tania Jacobs gleans some valuable life lessons…

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