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  • Daring To Care
    Daring To Care 13.01.22

    Pastoral care is regarded as an essential part of King’s School, Canterbury’s ethos. George Banns finds out more about how the school prioritises students welfare The King’s School, Canterbury has been educating and looking after young people for fourteen centuries….

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  • How online schools are completely different to pandemic remote learning
    How online schools are completely different to pandemic remote learning 12.01.22

    Over the past few years, numerous students, parents, and teachers alike have struggled with emergency at-home education during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, while the words “online school” may bring the same picture of remote learning to your mind, a true…

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  • A Rich Education
    A Rich Education 09.09.21

    What makes a Benenden education unique? With the pace of educational change accelerating, Abode2 spoke to Benenden Head, Samantha Price about how the school is preparing its students for a bright future The Complete Education approach at Benenden is absolutely…

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  • A Flipped Arrangement?
    A Flipped Arrangement? 26.08.21

    In a post-pandemic world, many of the things we would have only ever considered doing in-person, we now do without thinking online. We are all now so much more open to a combined online/in-person approach to practically every aspect of…

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  • Race For University Space
    Race For University Space 17.08.21

    Record numbers of school leavers in England are flocking to snap up university places and fill gaps left by the collapse in EU student applications, according to the latest data. The number of students accepting a place has outstripped last…

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  • A Special Salem Story 
    A Special Salem Story  10.08.21

    Head, Heart and Hand: Whenever parents consider a boarding school for their children, most naturally what goes along is their expectation to see them develop into a prosperous personal future. Among all the questions asked at the department of admissions…

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  • Busting The Myths
    Busting The Myths 29.07.21

    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020, online learning has become a pivotal feature in daily life for teachers, students and families around the world. Yet, while countless households across the globe have now experienced the many…

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  • Jo Vigneron, Founding Principal
    Jo Vigneron, Founding Principal 15.07.21

    Jo Vigneron Principal With her global background as a teacher, school lead and founder – holding key positions in London, Hong Kong, New York and Abu Dhabi – Jo Vigneron is thrilled to be the Founding Principal of Pearson Online Academy UK Global, and to champion its international community. She explains what drew her to the role, and how she’s aiming to…

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  • Priority To Early Years Learning
    Priority To Early Years Learning 08.07.21

    Nursery workers, childminders and nannies have been working hard throughout the pandemic. This work is, in part, what has allowed key workers to keep working. This has been crucial not only for parents and their employers, but also for the…

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