UK Forms Bitcoin Policy Org To Boost BTC Education And Adoption


A Bitcoin-only policy organization in the United Kingdom seeks to steer a course for greater levels of BTC adoption. God save our gracious coin, and long live the coin. A team of entrepreneurs, environmentalists and Bitcoin advocates have assembled to back Bitcoin in Britain.

Bitcoin Policy UK (BPUK) unites stakeholders, policymakers, environmentalists, tax specialists, Bitcoin experts and miners to “unlock the potential of Bitcoin” in Britain and explore how the decentralized currency’s burgeoning industry could benefit U.K. households, businesses and communities.

BPUK’s primary objectives are to drive investment, generate and prepare students for the Bitcoin jobs of the future, raise awareness and education, and explore the use of wasted and stranded energy resources for Bitcoin mining.

Freddie New, BPUK’s head of policy, told Cointelegraph that “the genesis of this project was the Bitcoin Collective Conference in Edinburgh” — the U.K.’s largest Bitcoin conference, taking place in fall 2022.

Walker told Cointelegraph that the BPUK is an important piece of the collective puzzle to drive Bitcoin education in the U.K.

“It’s time for the UK to step up when it comes to embracing new technologies such as Bitcoin, otherwise we risk getting left behind.”

BPUK co-founder Krista Edmunds took inspiration from El Salvador’s decision to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021. Edmunds explained:

“The U.K. has an immense opportunity to become one of the first jurisdictions globally to embrace Bitcoin. We have seen what is possible in El Salvador, which is experiencing huge gains due to its forward-thinking approach to Bitcoin. The U.K. can secure a similar competitive advantage, and we hope to support the British people in making that happen.”

Source: cointelegraph.co.uk

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