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Prioritising education while putting students at the core of the tutoring experience, has been shown to deliver outstanding results. L-J Andrew spoke to Champion Tutor Founder, Anna Coulson, and company partner, Tamzin Outhwaite, to find out how this partnered approach enables students to reach their full potential

What inspired you to set up Champion Tutor?

Having been a Head Teacher, then CEO of a trust of schools, I have always recognised the benefits of one-to-one tutoring, highlighted even more during lockdown. I noticed that a good many tutor providers had been set upby entrepreneurs who had little education experience, so I was inspired to create a tutoring option, backed by our experience as educators that keeps education at the forefront. We also felt it was vital to go beyond academic grades and help young people grow into well-rounded individuals. Combining the highest academic standards with mental health and wellbeing strategies, young people have the life skills to be able to tackle any challenge the modern world throws at them.

What is your ethos?

Championing the highest academic standards relative to the student, while developing skills for life. Never compromising on academia, and always focusing on those skills that help children thrive, is at the heart of what we do. We work with families aiming for the most sought-after scholarships and bespoke educational pathways, and we help them achieve these goals with a highly personalised approach. We consider each child and what they need to develop, both holistically and academically. Resilience is also an important part of Champion. We are all born resilient. As babies, we fall down whilst learning to walk and we get back up, although we lose some of this resilience as we grow older. It’s key to build this character trait back up again.

Tell us more about your Wellbeing Committee

Our wellbeing committee comprises a wide range of professionals, including a psychiatrist, charity founders and tutors, all with unique skills and experiences. They discuss current challenges, techniques for our families and are also there for the tutors if they need support with their studies and careers. The aim is to not only support young people, but to also shape skills set. Our focus is so much more than just how our students perform academically. It’s about how they utilise these skills to be able to cope with the responsibilities that come with high-level academia. Our students have a wide range of needs, including special educational needs. We help craft educational pathways with families, so that our students can be resilient and achieve great success.

How do you source your tutors?

We are highly selective in order to maintain the highest standards for our students. Our tutors are not only incredibly academic, but also have great emotional intelligence. We conduct rigorous safeguarding checks and academic result checks. We also ensure that tutors are a good match with the students we have, personality wise. Having an extensive and diverse range of tutors, from qualified teachers, recent graduates and full-time tutors, means we can cater to any clients’ needs. For example, if a client is looking for a tutor that has attended Eton or Westminster, we will search through our current staff database to find a match. If we can’t find a suitable match, we will source a new tutor.

How important is the relationship between student and tutor?

It’s imperative to take the time to sit with families and understand their needs and goals and introduce the right tutor and ensure that the relationship works. Looking back at previous academic years, we gain the most from the teachers that accepted, understood and inspired us. The Educational Endowment Foundation conducted an extensive study and found that young people make 5months more progress than their peers if they have one to one tutoring with someone that they connect with. If this is combined with the Growth Mindset strategy that we use, this jumps to 7 months progress over their peers, so the research speaks for itself.

Championing Champion

L-J Andrew discovers why actress and television personality, Tamzin Outhwaite chose to become involved with Champion

How did you come across Champion Tutor?

I came across Champion Tutor by complete chance. A friend had used them during lockdown and noted the difference it had made to her daughter. I had an immediate bond with Anna and saw her vision for combining educational excellence with mental health and well-being, which I value so much. Champion gives children life skills, as well as helping with their studies. Anna and another fantastic tutor, Lizzie worked with my children, and I saw the impact that the tuition had upon them. I got excited by the ethos, drive and ambition of the company to make a difference, particularly after the impact of Covid. Anna and I now work together to share ideas on how we could grow and help more children.

What made you want to get involved?

Champion holds strong family values. It personalises the study programme for each pupil. Whether you want your child to gain a scholarship at Eton or you just want to boost your child’s confidence, they have the skillset to do all of this. Champion doesn’t compromise on standards. Instead it gives children the skills to face challenges in life. I believe in valuing the individual child and bringing out the absolute best in them. We now have two more members to the team, Lyndsey and Sarah who were also parents before becoming involved. Their role is to grow the business internationally and develop our brand and social media presence.


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