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Eaton Square Schools are focusing on leadership development to fully prepare pupils for life beyond education. Jessie Waters spoke to Headmistress, Caroline Townsend, to discover how the school is meeting their objectives

Eaton Square Senior School is an independent co-educational school on Piccadilly in central London. With Green Park on our doorstep our students are able to access this space for lunch breaks, curricular and extracurricular activities.

The school building itself is a grade I-listed townhouse with specialist classrooms for art, science and drama and a purpose-built canteen. The building is rich in history and was once home to Lord Coventry and later the St. James’s Club, one of the most famous members being Ian Fleming who resided here throughout the duration of the WW2. It’s a truly inspirational place to be, particularly for pupils who are interested in neoclassical art and history.

It’s been three years since the senior school opened on Piccadilly in September 2017 - a time of development, reflection and definition and the school is clear on its primary aims; prepare pupils for life beyond school through meaningful leadership development, instilling a true love of learning and providing new opportunities for pupils each day.

Under the strong leadership of Caroline Townshend, the school continues to go from strength to strength. Our teachers are truly passionate about nurturing each individual’s skill set and instilling values that will enable pupils to confidently and successfully embrace their future world. With leadership and life skills lessons an integral part of the core curriculum, pupils are equipped with the skills and strategies for success in our multifaceted world through debating, mentoring and public speaking and are taught how to work collaboratively, through our ‘synergy’ lessons, designed to reflect the modern world of work and developing their ability to negotiate and solve complex problems. Pupils take ownership of their learning because they are actively involved in creating and leading their own projects.

The entry process to Eaton Square Senior School remains balanced and well-rounded with significant value placed on the interview and not just the entrance assessment. This enables the school to develop a much greater picture of the pupil as a person, rather than just their academic capabilities. For many parents the path to finding the dream school for their child isn’t always a straightforward process. However, Eaton Square Schools aim to eradicate the challenge of tough entrance exams at 11+ and provide a holistic educational pathway for pupils, from nursery to GCSE’s, as championing wellbeing remains the school’s priority.


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