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L-J Andrew discovers more about successfully adapting the best aspects of bricks-and-mortar schooling to the online environment with leading online educator My Online Schooling

My Online Schooling has been pioneering the British online education space since 2016. Over this time, they have perfected the art of o­ffering a rich, inclusive and internationally accessible British education and by respecting pupils as individuals, they enjoy learning and are empowered to thrive in the 21st Century.

By curating an educational experience that is individualised, innovative and always international in their outlook, they have reached the prestigious standards of a British education from across the globe. A key factor of this is their outstanding team of teachers, who have become experts in delivering the English National Curriculum embodying the schools distinctively progressive, collaborative and globally-minded approach.

Pupils are given the choice from a diverse range of academic and creative subjects alongside the opportunity to study modern foreign languages such as French, Spanish and Arabic, which cements the schools international outlook. A‑ er Year 9, they can progress on to International GCSE and A-Level courses to achieve the qualifications that will set them up for exciting future opportunities in work, life and further study.

Although based online, My Online Schooling is a school first and foremost. They recognise that students’ relationships with their peers play a pivotal role in their learning experience. With this in mind, the school is committed to ensuring that each and every pupil feels that they are a part of a community, no matter what physical distance there may be. Regular school assemblies, virtual common rooms, house meetings and a‑ er school clubs all help to facilitate peer-to-peer connection, taking the ‘distance’ out of remote learning.

The key factor in the school’s success is having well-being and holistic development of pupils at the core of everything they do.  rough fully interactive lessons, small class sizes, transformational teachers and additional support provision, My Online Schooling ensures each student receives the individual attention and guidance they need to truly flourish.

Through My Online Schooling’s innovative and progressive approach, pupils will not only be academically prepared, but will be enquiring and caring citizens of the 21st century with the  emotional literacy to engage in creating a better future for all.

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