Catch Up Committee


Tomorrow, 25th January, School leaders are set to give evidence to Education Committee on the Government’s current plans for the education catch-up programme.

The Education Committee will question a panel of school leaders, including headteachers and CEOs of multi-academy trusts, about the effectiveness of the Government’s education catch-up programme and Covid mitigation measures in schools.

The evidence session on Tuesday 25th January is part of the cross-party Committee’s inquiry into the Government’s catch-up programme, which has also examined the effectiveness of the National Tutoring Programme run by Randstad and extra funding provided to schools.

The witnesses are likely to be asked about the Department for Education’s guidance for pupils to wear face coverings, and about whether pupils’ education has been affected by pupil and staff absences due to Covid-19.

There may be questions about how schools have been able or unable to make use of the National Tutoring Programme. The school leaders will also be asked to reflect on what other measures could help children catch up with lost learning, and to help pupils’ mental health and wellbeing.

This session will be available to watch live and on demand on Parliament.TV.

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