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Oakham is renowned for its standing as a great and grounded school, which offers a unique learning community, combined with an educational experience that’s unmatched and unrivalled. Julia Millen paid a visit

An Oakham education is characterised by the way it prepares pupils for life after school – equipped to be intellectually ambitious thinkers, with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to thrive and to make a difference in the world. Oakham’s future-focused curriculum is internationally regarded; having offered the IB Diploma for nearly 20 years, alongside A-levels, and now BTECs too.

At Oakham, there’s a strong belief that education is much more than just a race to the end, to results days and offers to leading universities in the UK and across the world.  That school days are precious and should be enjoyable, memorable, and transformative.  Oakham’s unrelenting focus on the happiness and wellbeing of its pupils means that pro-active pastoral care underpins life both in and beyond the classroom – enabling children to flourish at school and long into the future.

As a large school, with over 500 boarders enjoying their school days alongside an equal number of day pupils, Oakham offers an outstanding breadth of co-curricular experiences, activities and opportunities.  As well as being highly regarded as a leading training ground for national squads, Oakham offers ‘sport for all’ with 30 different sports and an abundance of competitive fixtures at every level. Hundreds of students also take part in the Arts, with five major drama productions every year and an impressive 500+ individual music lessons taught each week. Activities are an integral part of life at Oakham (with time ring-fenced to take part in them every week) – with over 135 activities on offer to challenge and interest all pupils.  Thanks to Oakham being situated in the heart of rural England, these activities all take place on the School’s doorstep - with country sports, flying, sailing and horse riding all proving popular options.


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