A Bespoke Education


Selecting a suitable school for your child can be a difficult and time consuming process. Julia Millen spoke to Neil Pockett Director of @ School-in-UK for some advice.

Founded in 2005, @school-in-UK is owned and directed by Neil and Eileen Pockett. By applying the knowledge they’ve gained from years of experience working in the UK education system, they’re able to identify the school or course that will best suit the individual need of each student.

The uniqueness of the service is its comprehensiveness and delivery by experienced practitioners from within the UK school’s sector.

Neil’s accurate and informed judgement has led to happy and motivated students who enjoy their study and experience a high level of success. A large part of this is due to being advised which school they’re best suited to fulfil their potential and ability.

@school-in-UK has close links with UK independent boarding schools, colleges and English language schools, for International students arriving in the UK. Students and parents will receive guidance in understanding the details of all the UK courses available, as well as help with the application process. Neil and his team are at pains to state that Parents should apply to the most appropriate school, college and course for their offspring, not the most famous or prestigious. Therefore, an important part of the process is building a complete picture of each individual’s abilities and interests and parents are presented with carefully selected schools to match the needs of their child.

The pandemic has created an increased demand for school places in the South West. Home working has led to a huge uptake in property searches in Devon, Dorset and Cornwall and the understanding that @school-in-UK has with schools in the region has proved to be of particular value to parents.

Schools in the South West boast excellent standards in teaching and learning as well as the  co-curricula dimension of education. With a wide range of open spaces and access to national parks, South West schools are able to offer stimulating creative environments with a range of activities, including performing arts and music, equestrianism, tennis, judo, climbing and water sports. Cerebral activities include debating, science, history, mathematics and geology clubs and societies.


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