Education Consultants

  • Selectia

    We provide continuous support and good quality application for admissions in higher education. We aim to deliver the best match between student needs and the Universities we partner with. The organisation continuously provides the best service which leads to fast…

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  • TT Education

    The UK’s leading school improvement organisation, working with schools, academies and trusts in the UK and beyond to improve the quality of children’s education. We pride ourselves on being recognised for the outstanding quality of our support and training for schools…

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  • New Horizons Education

    Founded by Asuman Turkkorur in London, New Horizons Education Consultancy Ltd places international students to the most appropriate boarding schools, summer schools and language courses and works for their welfare throughout their stay in the UK. New Horizons has created…

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  • British Education Consultants

    As one of the leading consultancy services, British Education Consultants has access to an extensive network of schools and universities in the UK. There to guarantee guidance and ease to students all over world to help them reach their true…

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  • Lumos Education

      Lumos Education are Education Consultants with over 20 years’ experience, reflected in their in-depth knowledge of both UK and international education systems, as well as all aspects of British culture. In addition to English, Lumos support families in several…

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  • Anderson Education

    We have been working with local and expat families worldwide for the past 25 years; to find the best school for their child to ensure that they develop and grow and achieve their potential academically in a safe secure environment….

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  • @School-In-UK

    @school-in-UK aims to place overseas students in the school or institution which is best able to provide for their individual needs. Founded in 2005, @school-in-UK is owned and directed by Neil and Eileen Pockett. Using knowledge gained from years of experience working in…

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  • Educatus

    Education Consultants for relocating families Since 2013 Educatus’ sole purpose has been to find the best schooling solutions for families who are moving to the UK. In most cases that is because they have taken on a new role within…

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