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Education Consultants for relocating families

Since 2013 Educatus’ sole purpose has been to find the best schooling solutions for families who are moving to the UK. In most cases that is because they have taken on a new role within a corporate, but can also be because an ex-pat family is returning to the UK.

Educatus was formed by Sarah Teasdale in 2013. She had found herself having to find schooling for her three young daughters as her family was relocated around the world through work commitments. Her experiences in places such as Ireland, Kenya, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain as well as on her return to the UK, meant that she understood all too well the stresses that come with moving to a new country and the potential for emotional turmoil when helping young children to settle into a new school in a different country.

Depending on the age of the children making the move, Educatus identifies the best available nursery, school, college or university based on the child’s needs, the chosen location and circumstance. Depending on the funding available, that may be within the state or private system, studying a UK or an international syllabus or a vocational or degree course.

Since it was founded, Educatus has assisted thousands of parents moving to the UK and Ireland from elsewhere in the world. The company has focussed on building a dedicated team of consultants with experience in both UK and International education.

As well as by direct approach, families are often introduced to Educatus through the Global Mobility Industry, corporate clients and through word of mouth leading to discrete assignments helping individual relocating families.

For relocating families, Educatus offers a highly personalised, professional and cost effective service, aimed at exploring every option within the chosen strand of education. Our consultants understand that relocating is a challenge for the whole family, and use their educational experience to offer the right level of support offering a range of services, all designed with the family in mind.

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