Finishing Schools

  • Luxury Academy

    Finishing School for Young Ladies (Ages 17-21 only) Girls in aristocratic circles have long attended a finishing school to polish their manners, their deportment and their accents. Wealthy families in the United Kingdom have traditionally sent their young society ladies…

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  • Balissande Finishing School

    Finishing School Listing Balissande Finishing School is a modern adaptation to traditional finishing schools of the past. It cuts through the pomp and circumstance and brings finishing school into the world of technology – accessible anywhere and at anytime. Teaching…

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  • The London Finishing Academy

    Rula Komodromos and Isobel Kershaw have collaborated for many years on prestigious charity events where they each utilised their remarkable skill set and reputation to create memorable events and occasions. They are individually recognised and highly respected in their industries…

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  • Surval School

    Families who choose Surval for their daughters are looking for something different. Surval is not a typical school, we are much more than a school. We are one big family living under the one roof of our beautiful house situated high…

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