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Witherow Brooke

"Witherow Brooke is a private tuition agency and educational consultancy firm based in England, run by friends and Oxford graduates Roland Witherow and William Brooke, specialising in recruiting and placing elite tutors for homeschooling, travelling and long-term roles with families around the world.

We set ourselves apart from all other elite agencies by recruiting for each placement individually, to ensure every tutor is perfectly matched with the specific requirements and values of each family.

Our service is ideally suited to those families who are seeking an education that mainstream schooling cannot offer, whether they are looking for more involvement in their children’s studies, a higher calibre of education than schools are able to provide, a tailored education to best provide for a student with SEN, or to sustain a high level of academic achievement whilst travelling around the world.

For those students seeking a more academically enriching or challenging program of studies, we have recruited tutors in the past who not only cover the full range of standard subjects, but also supplement this with engaging courses in areas of particular interest to the student. These have included Ancient Greek, Philosophy, Astrophysics and Computer Modelling, to name a few.

As part of our service, we offer all of our clients educational consultancy, including advice on academic pathways and bespoke curriculum design.”

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