Brentwood College School

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Brentwood College School

Where Students Choose To Be

Brentwood provides a modern, Canadian West Coast learning experience for global minded students who embrace the values of Grit and Joy.

Brentwood is a progressive, co-educational boarding school for Grades 9 to 12, we are located on a spectacular 77-acre oceanfront campus on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. At our school, student choice is a unique part of our culture and a deciding factor in who attends the School. It’s why this place is so special. We believe when students truly choose to be here, and they’re surrounded by a family of like-minded friends and supporters, they can be anything. This philosophy creates a warm, friendly, and passionate community of students from 38 countries around the world who gain the independence and skills necessary to succeed in the post-secondary world.

Since 1923, we have worked diligently to establish Brentwood as a modern, transformative place of learning and leadership, mirroring the educational experience of a small college rather than a traditional boarding school. Prospective students are drawn to our school’s innovative tripartite approach to academics, arts, and athletics, as well as our nurturing boarding environment and strong university preparatory programs. Our unique tripartite scheduling creates unrivalled opportunities for student discovery and growth. Not only is Brentwood a remarkable place to make lifelong friends while gaining a world-class education, Brentwood truly is where students choose to be.

To find out if Brentwood College School is a good fit for your child schedule an interview or tour of the School by contacting admissions@brentwood.bc.ca To see what the Brentwood experience is all about have a look at our website www.brentwood.bc.ca or check out our social media: Instagram (brentwoodboarding), Facebook (www.facebook.com/brentwoodcollegeschool) or on Twitter (@brentwoodnews).



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