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Bayswater Education

“We established Bayswater Education because we know that education and travel are life’s greatest adventures. Our mission to inspire and educate begins in our beautiful, modern classrooms and extends to communities and cultures across the globe. We provide a platform to effective learning through travel, accommodation, classes and activity programs and we offer structured guidance throughout your journey. We also want to extend our mission beyond our borders, so when you enrol with us we offer the same education to a disadvantaged person.” James Herbertson and Stephan Roussounis

We want to make sure you have the best time possible with us. With the range of choices available, choosing the perfect school can seem like a huge task. This is why we offer help and advice in 10 different languages, from expert consultants who will use their own industry experiences to guide you.

When you arrive at the school, you will be placed in a class according to your CEFR level (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). This is the most accurate way to make sure you learn at the right pace for you and that you study materials that are appropriate for your language level.

Whether your dream is to work abroad, study in a different country, or simply to improve your language skills, the Eurocentres model makes it easy to achieve your aims. We facilitate your transition process, from the initial booking and inquiry stages, all the way through to the end of your stay.

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