Schule Schloss Salem

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Schule Schloss Salem

Embedded in the cultural landscape of the Northern Lake Constance area and spread over three campus sites, Germany’s leading international boarding school hosts 600 students from 45 different nations. When asked what makes the school special, Salem students and parents will highlight the school’s international community. Salem’s intention is to bring young people together, to develop their personalities, to train independent thinking and mutual understanding. In short: To prepare young people for a globalised life full of challenges and in need of common solutions.

There are two alternative ways to graduation in Salem, one being the conventional German grammar school path leading to the Abitur exam. The other consisting of international classes with English being the language of instruction and leading to the International Baccalaureate Diploma. In each of the two streams (as well as with the dorms), students’ nationalities are deliberately jumbled. Supported by the school’s careers counselling service, the decision of whether to graduate in German or in English is due at the beginning of the upper school and considered strategically. After all, the road to graduation must correspond to the students’ future academic and professional plans.

The Salem spirit of community outlasts graduation and continues in lifelong networks. There are more than 5,000 people all over the world making up the school’s Alumni Network, which strongly supports the current students in every aspect. Salem has seen innumerous students graduating in the course of a century: The rich and the famous, the children of important entrepreneurs, politicians and diplomats, members of the resistance, boys and girls pursuing successful careers as literary figures, doctors or lawyers all over the world. United by their boarding school experience and their everlasting slogan “We are Salem”.

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