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Rugby 'is fast becoming a leading global educator' - Tatler Schools Guide 2021

I have a great passion for every area of School life at Rugby and I want our children to love being here.

There is a strong and genuine sense that this is a school of obligation, not privilege. A great education is so much more than a focus on academic excellence – children need resilience to face the challenges our fast-changing world throws at them. Rugby children aren’t afraid to fail, we teach them how to recover, to move on, to make the very best of all the skills they have.

Rugby’s greatest Head Master, Dr Thomas Arnold, knew that education is all about transforming lives and should clearly focus on the three areas of academic ability, moral principle and 'gentlemanly' conduct.

Excellence is celebrated here, but nobody is ever on the bench, every pupil is equally important – a good illustration is our 33 hockey teams, everyone is included.

Our mantra is ‘The Whole Person is the Whole Point’. Yes our pupils are achieving the best academic results in the School's history, but that is just one part of the whole story.

It’s an exciting time, our 3Rs: restlessness, reflection and rootedness are shared by our staff and pupils, we have a team united in their desire for growth and development. The momentum is palpable.

Come and see us, let us show you why Rugby is different and why we are seen as the leading co-educational boarding school in the country.

Peter R.A. Green
Executive Head Master, Rugby School Group

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