Lancing College 

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Lancing College 

The Lancing College campus covers some 550 acres of the South Downs National Park. It is situated just 10 miles from the vibrant city of Brighton and Hove, and shares rapid connections with Gatwick Airport and London. It offers a unique combination of heritage and British tradition infused with a modern, cosmopolitan, outward-looking approach.

With some 600 pupils, our vibrant school offers plenty of opportunity for fun and friendship, alongside a strong sense of community where everyone has their place and is well known. The Lancing ethos cultivates responsible, sociable and considerate young people, promoting confidence and self-reliance in a lively and enjoyable environment.
Lancing seeks to offer academic excellence, inspiration and enrichment for every pupil; this approach means that we take time to value each individual and to give them space to grow, supported and encouraged as they develop. We teach our students to be curious and to think deeply, for themselves and for the right reasons, underpinned by the essential attributes of learning. Our school is not an exam factory and our teachers take delight in going far beyond teaching to the test.

Learning beyond the classroom is also important at Lancing. The College offers over 120 different co-curricular activities, including academic societies, enrichment, drama, music, art, sport, design & technology, and dance. Whilst some pupils focus on developing existing skills, many others are encouraged to try and experience new things they would never have previously considered. These experiences travel with them long after they leave school.

Pastoral care is taken very seriously at Lancing, and all our staff provide support for pupils. Housemasters and Housemistresses, alongside their supporting, teams play a vital role in making the Houses homely. Our ten Houses are where firm friendships are forged, lasting throughout school and beyond.

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