European School of Brussels-Argenteuil

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European School of Brussels-Argenteuil

EEBA is an international, multilingual school offering the European Schools’ curriculum. It offers a world class education together with the opportunity to stay connected to home languages and cultures. It provides access to schools and universities in home countries and across the world.

From September 2020, a Montessori bilingual section (English-French) will be added to the school’s existing Nursery. Montessori is a dynamic educational philosophy and the ethos and values of the method are very much in line with the spirit of our school.

This new class is created in collaboration with the Montessori House Belgium International School. Ms. Sabah Usman, who is presently head teacher at Montessori House will herself be the Section coordinator and the English teacher. She will work with a French-speaking colleague. The class will consist of 18 children, aged 2.5 to 6. The children will have access to the specially designed material and the Montessori approach.

The relevance of Montessori education is even more significant in today’s world as we want our children to achieve excellence not based on fear of being punished but based on their love for work.

The Montessori Method:

The main idea behind the Montessori approach is that all children have immense potential, given the right opportunities at the right time in their development. These opportunities help the child cultivate keen perception, profound interests and an understanding of essential facts, notably through the implementation of the Montessori Method with its specifically designed materials.

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