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Bromsgrove School

The most important investment you will make in your life will be in their education. It has the potential to pay dividends long after they leave the school gates. Research, then invest wisely. Beware though, the investment is not simply financial. You will need to commit equal amounts of patience, trust, aspiration and love to get the best returns. If you are searching for a school that will honour that type of commitment, welcome to Bromsgrove.

Why not come and see for yourself. Websites are fine, but there’s nothing ‘virtual’ about Bromsgrove. We would delight in showing you the solid reality of our buildings, historic and modern, nestled in over 100 magnificent acres. But a warning – don’t be distracted by the breath-taking facilities. The heart of Bromsgrove’s success is its people. Our 1,600 pupils, boys and girls, day and boarding, national and international, aged 3-18, are what give this place its vibrancy. And of course, a staff of some of the nation’s finest educators, coaches and caregivers. Passionate professionals, as invested in your child as you are.

Bromsgrove is an ancient institution but a modern educational force. And during its prestigious history, we have learned a thing or two about young people. Certainly, we’ve kept pace with change: our exceptional academic record would not have remained unbroken if we hadn’t. But there are a few maxims that are as true today as they were five hundred years ago. We know that it is possible to balance academic rigour with nurture and stimulation. That all young people rise to the expectations you hold of them. That morality matters and creativity counts. That the love of learning can be transformative. We know because we put these principles into practice every day.

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