British School of Brussels

British School of Brussels

Relocating to another country is daunting at the best of times: the packing, the house-hunting, the official paperwork, perhaps a new language to learn. With three official languages, Belgium can be a little overwhelming for the newcomer. At least finding a good school does not have to be. The British School of Brussels, located within easy commuting distance from the city in leafy Tervuren, offers a high-quality British international education to children aged between 1-18, alongside a world-class extra-curricular programme. While you get to grips with the land of gourmet beer, frites, waffles and chocolate, you can rest assured that your children are benefiting from an engaging and stimulating curriculum in a friendly and welcoming international community.

Yet BSB is not in the business of keeping its students in a bubble: far from it. One of the key values of the school is to develop students who engage actively, ethically, and purposefully with the world around us. This begins with local languages: children start learning French from Kindergarten onwards and by Year 3 they have begun to add Dutch to their repertoire. Forays to the local area, and trips further afield in Belgium help ensure that BSB students are forging a greater connection with the country that forms their new home. A strong sense of place is woven through the curriculum: from engagement with local charities in Primary School; to Geography and History field trips; to “experience days” with local industry as part of our BSB Futures programme.

BSB students benefit from a truly incredible enrichment programme of lunchtime and after-school activities. A beautiful sports centre --complete with swimming pool, fitness room, gymnasium, sports hall and dance studio -- is matched the best of teaching by specialist coaches, among them ex-Olympians and players for national teams. The Belgian connection continues here, too: BSB gymnasts compete in local competitions, and this is soon to be followed by our football and swimming teams, in addition to the international competitions already on offer.

Before the dust settles on your move to Belgium, you can also benefit from the fantastic support offered by Families of BSB, the school’s parent body. Whether that’s finding fellow parents living nearby, taking up a new hobby, getting hold of a good plumber, or just getting to grips with your adopted home country, help is at hand.

The British School of Brussels is an independent international school, catering for students aged between 1 and 18. If you would like to know more about the school, you can make contact via the website www.britishschool.be or email at: admissions@britishschool.be

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