Invictus – Our Schools: Bukit Timah, Dempsey & Centrium


Invictus International Schools launched in 2015 as one of the first affordable International Schools in Singapore. They now have 3 campuses in Singapore and 4 schools in other parts of Asia and are expanding quickly.  

Their educational excellence is unique and every pupil is challenged and allowed to flourish to the best of their ability. All their pupils are supported fully by the caring staff in the school within the close-knit community, something not often seen in Singapore where many schools are like university-style campuses. Invictus pride itself on being a small school with BIG ideas.

The schools are recognised for their nature of care, guidance and support to staff, students and parents with an ever-growing number of dedicated members of PTA members who are constantly finding ways to raise money for the school whilst arranging fun activities to bring their school community together through bake sales, school fairs, bingo nights and more!  

At Invictus there are over 30 different nationalities where achievement and attainment are valued and celebrated in a ‘can do’ culture and all forms of prejudice are challenged. The core values of the school very much underpin how the students are taught. 

Max teacher/child ratio 24:1 

Singapore Maths 

Invictus International School, Bukit Timah 

On the 9th January 2024, Bukit Timah welcomed the opening of Invictus 3rd International School in Singapore Catering to children aged 5 to 13, offering the Cambridge International Primary and Lower Secondary Curricula. 

At Bukit Timah the school prides itself in its unique teaching style. In Years 1 & 2 they focus greatly on reading, writing and phonics to give the children a strong platform to build upon. From Year 3 upwards the school practices something not normally practised until secondary school – subject-specific teaching, ensuring that students receive specialised instruction, laying a strong foundation for academic excellence and a deep understanding of various subjects. Not only that, but they also get to enjoy 3.5 hrs of Chinese (dual-track instruction) and 2.5hrs of Science a week taught in either of their 2 high tech Science Labs and enjoy at least 1 experiment every week, with a focus very much on hands-on learning across every subject.  

The school seamlessly integrates technology into its curriculum, providing students with a rich blend of music, art, drama as well as academics to ensure a well-rounded education.  

Looking ahead, the school is set to open Year 9 in August 2024.  

Hear from a student… 

“I love our school for its small and homely environment where teachers know everyone by name. Learning here is enjoyable, thanks to our teachers’ engaging teaching methods. PE classes are broad-based and fun, field trips are a blast and we always have interesting projects to work on. The wide range of extracurricular activities allows me to explore various interests as well. The personalised attention, enjoyable learning and vibrant extracurricular scene make our school truly special to me.” – Yilang Wang, Chinese,  


Dempsey Campus: 73 Loewen Road, #01-21 

Centrium Campus: 320 Serangoon Road, #06-01 

Invictus Dempsey is nestled in the heart of the lush greenery of Dempsey Hill and takes pride in offering a unique educational journey, embracing the principles of holistic development. The inside/outside learning environment stimulates young minds, encouraging curiosity and a deeper connection with nature and outdoor surroundings. Students are not just learners but explorers. The school is based in beautiful Singaporean Iconic Colonial Black and White buildings and is a gem of a school with lots of outdoor play to ignite children’s inquisitive minds. From the moment you walk into the school you are welcomed by warm welcoming staff and happy children. 

Catering for children from 5-11 years of age, Invictus Dempsey also offers The International Cambridge Curriculum along with weekly swimming lessons in a nearby swimming pool just a minute walk from the campus itself.  If you are looking for a cosy welcoming school look no further than the Dempsey campus 

Testimonial for Dempsey 

Samuel Hardwick 

Diana Corredor 

Santiago Hardwick (4 years at Invictus) Year 5 

Isabella Hardwick (on her first year) Year 1

What led you to choose Invictus International School for your child(ren)?

We were recommended by some friends to look into Invictus when our son was about to start year 1. We needed a school that met our budget but at the same time that provides great education and a sense of community. Our daughter who just started at Invictus comes from Primus which is a feeder school. It is so great to see the kids move to the bigger school together. Makes the transition so much easier / smoother. Our daughter adjusted to Invictus from day 1. During these 4 years, we have met lovely teachers who really care about wellbeing. We do appreciate all the efforts the teachers make daily. Having that personal touch is so important for us, we are so grateful for everything they do. 

What are your favourite features about Invictus? Eg. facilities, curriculum, teaching methodology, environment, etc.

We like the environment where our kids are growing up. Singapore is such a melting pot of cultures, religions and celebrations. It's such a healthy environment for kids to grow up and learn. It is not only great education, but it gives them equal respect for each other no matter what. 

We also really like the Extracurricular Activities. They're a great way to expand the kids' interests. This term the kids really enjoyed gymnastics and robotics with your amazing partners.

Tell us about your family’s experience with Invictus.

E.g.. Does your child feel welcome and comfortable in school, your thoughts on the communication between parent and school, your child’s progress in school, etc. 

Our kids are excited every morning to go to school. This shows us how happy and comfortable they are at Invictus. The communication between the teachers and us is very strong. We receive constant updates and whenever we need to discuss any concerns the teachers are always available to talk. 


Invictus International School, Centrium.  

Nestled conveniently at the city fringe, a mere 5-minute walk from Farrer Park MRT, Invictus International School, Centrium is an all-through school for Years 1 – 13.  

One of the standout features of Invictus is its Bilingual Primary program, creating an environment where students engage in immersive learning experiences. The integrated Chinese Programme goes beyond traditional classroom learning, enriching students with a deeper understanding of the language and culture. This approach not only prepares students for an increasingly interconnected world but also fosters a love for languages and cultural diversity. 

At the heart of Invictus Centrium is the internationally recognized Cambridge Curriculum, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education that opens doors to global opportunities. The curriculum is not only rigorous but also designed to nurture critical thinking, creativity, and a love for learning – essential skills for success in the 21st century. 

In secondary, the students study for GCSEs and then onto A’Levels. The school is excited to get the first year of GCSE results in August 2024. 

The campus is modern with collaborative spaces and bright classrooms. One notable feature is the FabLab, a digital fabrication laboratory that is part of the educational outreach of MIT.  

TESTIMONIAL from Centrium 

Student: Karyne Shiraki Y5 Respect
Father: Shunsuke Shiraki
Mother: Miho Shiraki

Been with the school for 1.5 years, since Aug 2022 

What is your favourite feature of Invictus? 

The fact that it has both English and Chinese curriculum, which convinces me that we are looking at the world now and in the future.

The fact that the class composition mixes classmates of various nationalities and cultural backgrounds, making it seem like a truly international school.

Please tell us about your family's experience with Invictus.

Perhaps because of the small size of the school, my daughter enjoys going to school because she is able to interact beyond her class, with the entire grade level, or with other grades at recess and other times. My daughter talks about all of her favorite teachers and how she gets lots of positive feedback from them, such as praise and awards. I am glad I sent her to this school because the peaceful code of conduct is so ingrained in her core that she quotes things like "don't do what your friends don't like" and "it's natural to help your friends when they are in trouble" when she and I fight. 

What do you think makes Invictus stand out? 

I think it is the fact that it is a school that is well designed with parents and students in mind and implements what it can do on a life-size scale with a sense of ownership. By making good use of private companies and facilities in the community, the school gives students the opportunity to be exposed not only to the school but also to the community and the structure of the real world. I think this is what differentiates us from long-established international schools. I think the school is full of very economical and practical ideas, for example, using a private car delivery service called School Bar or a private food catering company, or using local public facilities for grounds and swimming pools. I think it is a very good and effective idea to use local resources in a mutually beneficial way.

Complete this sentence and elaborate: Invictus International School is a great school.

Invictus International School is a great school. Invictus International School is a great school because it is a school where people of all nationalities respect each other and make a positive, dedicated, and personal effort to improve themselves with a sense of ownership. 


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