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A sense of belonging and community, pride taken in homes and public infrastructure, beautiful countryside and coastline, a stable, versatile and evolving economy, reliable and sustainable public services, a safe, convenient and satisfying way of life; all ingredients we are sure you would include if asked to describe a perfect home anywhere in the world. The very good news is that this lifestyle is available just 80 miles from the UK and 27 miles from France in Guernsey and is more easily accessible than you might think. “I wish we’d moved sooner” is a frequent comment from those who’ve made the discovery, taken the time to understand what it can mean for them and their family and come over.

Whilst sadly not immune to the impact of the covid19 pandemic, Guernsey has had no cases since April and its strategic approach to dealing with the outbreak has been admired within its community, with a stirring Guernsey Together mantra emerging as a consequence.

Those who have more recently become resident would have understood that you can simply rent or buy any Open Market home - and if you do the latter for £1.32M or more there’s a personal tax cap of £50,000 for your first four years - enabling other pieces of this delightful picture to come together. Income tax is a lonely tax in Guernsey; it’s typical companions - capital gains, inheritance, gifts, and value added taxes are all absent!

The standard of living is high. The finance industry became dominant in the 80s, following in the footsteps of a once impressive growing industry and what is now a smaller, albeit very attractive, visitor economy - the island has evolved and prospered as a successful specialist finance centre. That success has created many positives, including valuable employment and a host of related service sector industries.

Personal safety and security are two of the other important benefits appreciated by island residents and these are increasingly cited as deciding factors when choosing a destination for personal relocation. The ability to walk the streets, even late at night, without concerns for personal safety; not having to constantly think about the security of your home, or be concerned about where your car is parked are blessings which those of us who live here appreciate every day. Parents of young children love knowing that they can play safely on the beach and in the park and that if they are out of sight for a few minutes then its fine – a big revelation to recently arrived families!  Islanders’ honesty and courtesy, in the shops, on the roads and in life generally is refreshing and adds to the feeling of general well-being.

So if you are considering Guernsey as a place to relocate to, either with your business, family or both then we’re delighted that in addition to sunshine, relaxation, a great work/life balance and low taxes it offers genuine stability, security and safety – all providing simply a better life for you.

Photography by Savills.

Learn more here: https://www.locateguernsey.com/

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