Unleash your Inner Athlete


The past 10 days have seen the world’s greatest athletes come together to compete on the world’s largest sporting stage – the Olympics. We have been amazed by the flexibility of gymnasts, speed of swimmers and strength of weightlifters, to name just a few. For the athletes this is the pinnacle of a long road to Rio filled with blood, sweat, tears and triumph. The world’s best athletes have been training for this one shining moment for the past four years.

As the official and exclusive fitness equipment supplier to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Technogym has been at the heart of this preparation. Creating innovative training solutions to support the 42 different Olympic and Paralympic disciplines and all their training needs. From strength and power to speed and agility, Technogym’s unparalleled design and technologically advanced products can support any fitness goal. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or simply looking to stay in shape at home Technogym’s unrivalled equipment will help you unlock your true potential and allow you to train like a champion.

Technogym’s experienced team can help design a wellness space that is perfect for achieving your fitness goals – no matter what they are or what space you have. Each piece of equipment is handmade, allowing for bespoke modifications to fit your style and match any decor. From the stylish Personal range to the high-tech MyRun treadmill, Technogym has a solution that will fit seamlessly into any room.

Our latest and best selling products:

  • Kinesis Personal – the ultimate piece of designer functional furniture for the home or office, offering over 200 exercises in one square metre of award-winning design. It allows you to rediscover and improve strength, coordination, flexibility and posture control.
  • POWER Personal – created with sophisticated materials and excellent craftsmanship the Power Personal consists of two sleek elements: Bench Personal and Rack Personal. In the wake of the current hi-performance workout and professional training trend, this stylish solution offers over 300 exercises for strength training.
  • MyRun - designed by runners for runners, this iconic smart treadmill for the home helps you improve the quality and efficiency of your run with interactive instant feedback on step frequency, stride length and displacement. Run faster as it adapts to your running style and even plays music matching the beat of your pace. It’s sleek and slim design makes it the perfect addition to any home.


Make your wellness a priority with a personal space to work your body and mind.

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