Sort The Agency Men From The Boys


It’s easy to spot successful agents – they’re the ones who’ve put in the time on their patch and have an instinctive understanding of the market. So how do you select the one that’s best for you? Personal recommendations may seem like a safe punt, but they should never take precedence over matching your property with the right agent. Your needs, budget and house spec may bear scant resemblance to those of your parents or your best friend – so why pick a firm to represent you who doesn’t live and breathe your target market?

Any agent worth his salt shouldn’t have to start cold when taking on a property. Get them to demonstrate similar houses to yours they’ve sold in the past twelve months, where they found the buyers, how long they took to sell and what prices they went for. Track record is the only way of measuring their performance – a good sales negotiator will not just know five people who are looking for a house in the region of £200,000, but be able to identify the one client who would be prepared to offer £225,000.

Bottom Line: There’s only one way to pick the best agent - find the one with the track record in your price bracket and get them marketing your property.

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