Creating the ideal home environment draws a good any variables into the mix. Dubai-based interior designer, Nikki Bisiker offers a few pointers on giving your property a stylistic edge

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, offering a superior city living experience complete with all the luxury essentials. Constantly soaring to new heights in its lifestyle offerings from housing, health and education provision, to cultural, sporting and leisure amenities, the emirate is undoubtedly one of the world’s finest places to call home. With a diverse range of living environments - designing a home to best suit individual needs requires an intuitive mind-set not to mention a keen eye for detail.


Architectural styles in Dubai have evolved in recent times – with more traditional Arabic clasically ornate designs giving way to Mediterranean-inspired Tuscan and Spanish influenced build formats with a healthy smattering of turnkey contemporary, sleek, glass and steel structures in the mix too.

That said, it isn’t unusual to fi nd modern and old-school design traits combining to create contemporary statements that draw on traditional motifs, not to mention, accent details such as domed ceilings, light-fi lled corridors, and elegant chandeliers which transport you to a tranquil setting where
grandeur reigns.


Creating the perfect home however also requires detailed project planning in place well ahead of implementing those must - have design ingredients:

  • Always give due consideration to your lifestyle, culturalbackground
    and infl uences – feeling ‘at home’ is key
  • Evaluate the location, footprint and positioning of your
    property for spacial planning, usage and adaptability – be
    open to design possibilities
  • Take account of climate variables - extreme heat, dust and
    sunlight, when choosing materials – think longevity and
    practical sustainability
  • Be mindful of time scales especially when importing goods
    from around the world – delays can have a serious knockon
    eff ect on keeping to your project schedule.

When working with a specialist design company, it’s also vital to keep the lines of communication open - not only between client and designer, but also with suppliers and subcontractors. Dubai boasts a plethora of skilled artisans and craft smen adept at producing beautiful custom-fi nish
work. So take full advantage of this skills set and create something uniquely personal to you. Choosing a design team that understand your aspirations and one that can also adapt design concepts to your way of living, should hopefully deliver the perfect outcome – an oasis of peace and calm
away from the pressures of work and city life.

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