Accent on Art


Susan White, director of Iggi Interior Design Studio discusses the company’s creative approach to home design with one clear objective in mind - how to create functional spaces with showcase art.

Art can be an afterthought for many clients as it’s often associated with investment - cue a hefty price tag, or considered a ‘non-essential’ and one of the last items to consider in a home room layout or design scheme. At Iggi however we beg to differ. We design and plan entire properties and interior schemes around art focal points. Quite often just one statement piece is enough to direct a strong design concept from where we can begin to scope out the true value of one’s living space.

Art comes in many different forms - the more obvious representations may be a beautiful painting or a piece of sculpture. But the medium can be more functional and purposeful too, which is how we like to incorporate it. Consider an iconic item of furniture such as a dining table that’s used every day or an antique chair that creates a beautiful vignette in the hallway. It may be a light installation that hangs above a kitchen island or a textured wall hanging that is the focus of a media room.

This bespoke approach appeals to clients as the art they love and have invested in is maximised and truly appreciated. Clients should have a space that feels like home – an environment that is comfortable to be in, especially if they enjoy entertaining or have a growing family. Art should be lived with and lived within.

Art should also be collected. Over time, clients invest and acquire the most exquisite pieces. Just because they are moving house or revamping their interior design scheme doesn’t necessarily mean that their art needs to be updated too. Art also gives us, as designers, great insight into individual tastes, lifestyles and backgrounds. It can serve as a powerful starting point when putting together design proposals and mood boards in the early stages of a project.

In summary - design should enhance a client’s art collection and the design that we create with that art in mind, should deliver an enhanced full sensory functional space. Above all, however, it should be a harmonious environment that is loved because of the interdependent relationship created with that particular art portfolio.

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