Choose Wisely Where To Invest


“Buy land, they're not making it anymore.”
Mark Twain

When seasoned investors believe the market is entering a down phase - they switch to buying up property in the best areas they can afford, as they know that these neighbourhoods usually boom again early on in the next cycle. Why? Because demand seeks the highest affordable supply quality. Adopting this approach means they can leverage their investment by selling on earlier in the upturn and buying elsewhere. More importantly - they remain one step ahead of the property pack.

Investment in up-and-coming areas is often driven by inflation in adjacent popular patches. These areas too, will pick up momentum and eventually peak as they are swept along with the tide of the boom cycle, but they won’t peak first, so buyers will generally have to wait longer to see their profits. Savvy investors work to enter such areas as the affordable supply in adjacent areas dries up, and to sell up just before the heat goes out of that market enabling them to once more buy the most they can afford in the best possible area and thereby position themselves for the next cycle.

Bottom line: In a downturn, buy in the best location you can afford and look for wannabe neighbourhoods once the recovery gains momentum.

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