12 Days Of Abode2 Luxe


Introducing the Abode2 winter gift guide. Over the next 12 days of Abode2 luxe, we will be sharing with you the finest selection of Christmas gift inspiration from our valued portfolio. Each day for the 12 days of christmas we will be updating our luxe collection of gifts in spirit of the Christmas season.



Home Furnishing

  - Juliette Interiors  -

Unique Gold Enamel Leaf Design Snack Plate

The Unique Gold Enamel Leaf Design Snack Plate, a celebration of the beauty and meaning found in individual leaves. Natures own wondrous design beautifully observed here in its purest form. The most enchanting real-size grape leaf is shaped to create an elegant small dish perfectly combining form and function. Use as tableware or simply as a charming ornament for a buffet, side or coffee table.

Belonging to a fabulous collection using alternative beautiful leaf designs, including serving platters, nut dishes, bread plates and table centrepieces. Brass plate with gold-tone enamel finish. Height 1.75 cm x width 20 cm x depth 19 cm. This lovely design would also be perfect as christmas gift.



Set Of Three Gold Candle Holders

The Set Of Three Gold Candle Holders. This attractive gold egg-shaped design complete with a stunning matching golden inside, adding a soft warm inviting glow. The perfect finishing touch.

Produced from iron, and sold as a set of three. Height 60 cm x width 45 cm x depth 20 cm, height 45 cm x width 35 cm x depth 15 cm and height 30 cm x width 22 cm x depth 10 cm. Candles not included.




- Just Artificial -

Just Artificial is one of the UK's leading reatilers of high quality artificial plants, trees and silk flowers. Their products are realistic, durable and designed with particular care and attention by their master craftsmen. There are beautiful options to choose from which will set you space apart from the rest, allowing you to create an indoor eden.







Health & Beauty


- Urthmos -

The Hydraplum Vitamin C Serum with 24K Gold is a lightweight serum that complements your daily skincare routine. Featuring the amazing benefits of Kakadu Plum Oil, which boasts the highest levels of naturally occurring Vitamin C in the world. It’s been known to stimulate collagen production, detoxify your skin, and fight free radicals. Other key ingredients like the Hyaluronic Acid and Tremella Mushroom, will offer abundant levels of moisture and hydration for glowing smooth skin.  This serum is perfect for providing a wide range of skin benefits while also being light enough to wear under your cosmetics. Hydraplum Vitamin C Serum with 24K Gold will offer your skin double hydration, double Vitamin C, and all the anti-aging properties you desire. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties.




- Dion Michaels -

Designed to be a brand for all, Dion Michaels’ two-step system consist of custom blended formulas, with carefully selected ingredients to support all skin types. Customers can choose between a

monthly subscription bundle of the grooming cream and skin balm delivered to your door or to purchase the grooming cream and skin balm as a one-time purchase.

Customers that have used the system have reported drastic improvements in their skin in as little as 14 days. Most respondents stated that they noticed an unmistakable “glow” on their skin as their complexions started to even out. We are on a mission to let all men know that glowing skin is not just exclusively for women. We want to create a “glow” revolution for men worldwide.




- Maiiro -

Welcome to Maiiro’s Flagship Anti-Ageing Cream. Forget about artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates and preservatives that could harm your skin and say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles.

Formulated using a powerful cocktail of complexion-boosting natural oils, vitamins and free radical-fighting antioxidants, it also contains Kelpogen5™, Maiiro’s potent five-seaweed formula, offering a winning blend of seaweeds and Astaxanthin, an algae proven to be more powerful than Vitamin C and CoQ10 combined. Kelpogen5™, supports your skin in a natural and organic way.

Suitable for all skin-types, our miracle, multiple award-winning cream is packed with nourishing, high quality, natural and organic ingredients with proven antiviral and anti-bacterial properties, including Jojoba, Buriti, Tamanu, Goji Berry, Hibiscus, Fenugreek and Tea tree oil.




Home style

- Beatrice Garcia - 

Give the gift of artwork this Christmas. This one of a kind painting of 31 Hill Street was captured during a painting trip in London. Warm berry purples contrast with the glints of gold captured in the railing details of 31 Hill Street. This painting depicts a historic building, the former residence of the brother of William Pitt the younger who was prime minister in 1783. For a unique historic gift to last a lifetime look no further.

Beatrice Garcia (b.1994) is  a Gibraltar born, Amsterdam  based fine artist and illustrator. She has a first class degree in Finance and combines her artistic skills with her finance mindset. She has created artworks for a variety of corporate clients and her work has been exhibited internationally with exhibitions in Gibraltar, Madrid and London.




- Easter Mia -

Mia Phan, the creator and founder of EasterMia, owns a local nail salon in Burlington, Ontario. Inspired by her clients and her mother, Helen, who has more than 30 years of experience in the nail industry, she wanted to create a relaxing and fun experience for all the hardworking women who are time-poor and deserve a little pampering at home. Phan established EasterMia in 2019 and understands the importance of self-care and nail health. EasterMia was created in collaboration with a chemist, where the range of nail polishes and nail care are free of all the most common toxic chemicals and fragrances used in other mainstream brands. They are also a Leaping Bunny approved brand. So, whether you are a soon-to-be mother or prone to allergies, this nail brand should be safe for you.




- Polished London -


Powered by patented twin-engine motors with magnetic levitation technology and five smart performance modes, the Sonic XP Toothbrush delivers 40 thousand tailored brush movements per minute for an amazing whitening and cleaning experience.

  • 5 modes: clean, whiten, sensitive, gum care and deep clean for all-round oral care
  • Removes up to X10 more plaque compared to a manual toothbrush
  • Delivers 40 thousand brush strokes per minute
  • A 2-minute timer with 30-second intervals
  • Smart LED battery indicator
  • Waterproof even when completely submerged in water



- Kuru Beauty -

Kura - Italian Organic Beauty is a brand of luxury limited Italian organic and natural cosmetics, our products are in limited.

All the products we sell are exclusively made in Italy with local raw materials, combining herbal tradition and more modern and innovative elements. Quality is the key factor in each of our products. Most of them are cruelty free, organic and vegetalok, pet friendly. Our Lines Kalluna Pollution Protection, Hyaloe Line, Green Man's Line e Anisa Professional Line are exclusive lines that use the properties of plants such as Calluna Vulgaris in the case of the Kalluna Pollution Protection line to protect the skin from pollution and photo-ageing, the Hyaloe Line, based on hyaluronic acid and aloe, makes the skin bright and moisturised, giving it a radiant appearance, the Green Man's Line is a line specially designed for men's skin, it helps to reduce expression lines and protect and moisturise the skin, the Anisa Professional Line with its lightening cream helps to fight skin spots in a completely natural way.

The craftsmanship with which our products are made makes them unique pearls necessary for perfect skin in a completely natural way. A valuable and useful idea for your Christmas presents.




- Hockerty -


Hockerty is fuelled by “the desire to spread comfortable, elegant and perfectly fitted clothing throughout the world“, creating luxury tailor-made clothing and custom made shoes for men.

Together, let’s build a more equitable world. Buy less, buy better, buy clothes that will last and fit your body perfectly.

Hockerty was created by three young entrepreneurs in their early 20s as they realized it was difficult to find affordable tailor-made clothing. Like most other start-ups, they started from their own bedroom with money they could get from friends and family. As the company grew, more young and passionate professionals joined the team and helped us grow the company following our vision: “the desire to spread comfortable, elegant and perfectly fitted clothing throughout the world“.





- Mayd In Chyna - 

We are a social enterprise that uses our brand name to ironically redefine the meaning and concepts normally associated with the words "made in china".

We have produced the first vegan and sustainable line that is 100% sourced in the USA. We know and vouch for all of our supply chain operations. Our suppliers produce our fabrics by strictly adhering to the principles and practices of organic, regenerative and sustainable production... from the organic fibre to the environmentally and socially responsible fabrication processes.

We believe in Slow Fashion... our brand is not based and will never be based on fashion trends or colours thus allowing our pieces to remain timeless and forever stylish. We have used classic cotton fabrics and neutral colours so that our pieces can be effortlessly worn from season to season and from one occasion to another with the addition of only a few select accessories. Moreover, our pieces are fashionable, impeccably constructed and offer the softness and silkiness of raw unadulterated pima cotton fibre. All of these attributes offer significant benefits for the well-being of our customers and our environment.






- Ruffle and Rabbit -

At Ruffle & Rabbit, we aspire to dress your little ones in exquisite and classic children’s clothing. This 'Organic Dot Onesie and Bonnet' is designed to keep your newborn baby warm and comfortable using organic cotton.  The onesie also features a wrap-around kimono style fastening for easy changing. This beautifully designed piece by Monebebe is perfect to take your new baby home from the hospital. An heirloom to pass on to generations. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality fabric that has earned us the respect of parents across the globe. Your children deserve the best and we are devoted in our efforts to dress them in the best.








- Celestial Collective -


Established in 2021, founded in Sydney. Celestial jewellery is thoughtfully made with the intention to harness the energy of natural gemstones. Designed to tell a story, our jewellery is curated to inspire individuals around the world to feel the ethereal beauty and meaning behind each piece. All jewellery is designed exclusively by our founder who attributes much of her inspiration to her heritage, travels, and natural materials, creating heirlooms that can be passed down generations. Celestial jewellery holds high vibrational energy and intention, thoughtfully curated to be worn everyday.  All pieces are handcrafted by our beloved team of artisans using conflict-free diamonds and natural gemstones ethically sourced from around the world. Our collection has been sustainably and ethically designed to become second skin pieces, handcrafted with YOU in mind.




- Kooky Bloom - 


Kooky Bloom is a small Family ran business based in Dorset. Founded by Sophie, Mum of two boys that began creating to help her mental health. Kooky Bloom Specialises in handmade nature inspired jewellery containing real flowers & crystals. We aim to create unique, meaningful items that can be cherished and enable all nature lovers to carry a piece with them wherever they go. Kooky Bloom accommodates for every person whether they are looking for a meaningful precious piece of jewellery or more of a fashion statement for any occasion.






- Mayuri -

Timeless and refined designs, precious and natural gemstones of exceptional quality, and highest standards for client experience. These are the defining characteristics of the modern discreet luxury brand Mayuri Paris.

Mayuri's Black Diamond Collection offers a very elegant selection of jewellery for this winter season. Our picks of the season are the Sumitra HoopsDevi ring and the Sakshi ring, which guarantee to lighten up the way you look and feel in a very discreet style.

Presented in five different gemstones including blue sapphire, emerald, ruby and black diamond, the Sumitra hoops are perfect for those who are looking for an extremely elegant and precious gift for themselves or their better half. For those who desire to offer a marvelous ring this season, the rings Devi and Sakshi make a great choice and they can be beautifully combined together resulting in a stunning sight.





- BeeSting Cosmetics - 

Day cream

With bee venom as the fulcrum of this luxurious day cream, Svetlovir restores moisture, replenishes and visibly revitalises the look as well as the feel of skin. Dry skin is a thing of the past as with daily usage skin feels firmer, plumper and rejuvenated. Our day cream has been developed to deliver a soft, smooth and hydrated complexion. As it is as lightweight as it is rich, the cream is quickly absorbed into the skin with a grease free finish. Our special formulation of carefully selected and blended soothing oils and herbs that along with its main active ingredient, bee venom, have excellent moisturising, nourishing, cleansing and regenerative effects.




Night cream

Skin is replenished overnight as this night cream delivers soothing moisture, nightly protection, and energised natural renewal of skin. The night cream is a formula developed for drastically boosting natural regenerative mechanisms. Using this in conjunction with the Day cream means the effects of the skincare range can be felt 24 hours a day. The nourishing impact of this night cream is built on the foundation of our bee venom ingredient. Svetlovir’s night cream is absorbed into the skin quickly so you can sleep soundly knowing your skin is being restored so you wake up looking and feeling your best.





    - Peak Scents - 

When the stars come out, that’s when our antioxidant-rich night cream can truly shine! If you’re not sure why you can’t get away with using your regular daily moisturizer at night, then we’re here to teach you a lesson in skincare. So get comfy and prepare to be amazed! When you’re asleep, your skin goes through a variety of processes that it cannot go through when you are awake. When it goes through these processes, as long as your skin is slathered in the good stuff (aka our night cream), you’ll enjoy a gorgeous, healthy glow every day. Our Rose Phyto3 Night Cream contains an anti-aging superstar, hyaluronic acid, along with vitamins, minerals, and plant stem cells that will leave your skin dewy, smooth, and perfectly rested. Now, go get your beauty sleep.





          - Skin Group Clinics -

We are a London based skin care company that is best known for education, research and development, in non-surgical skin procedures. We have decided to open our doors for the first time to the public to enable everyone to benefit from everything we excel in. Many skin products are filled with chemicals that don't help you. Quality should never be a compromise. No matter what skin care challenge you may have, we will always endeavour to assist you to better skin health. Our goal is to provide treatments, products and services you can trust. 

Let your inner you shine with treatments and products that are results driven.  We are passionate about everything we do - that's why we decided to develop our own skin care products, and partner with Sciton with what we believe is the finest laser technology in the world so you can find what works best for you and the skin you're in.






- Little Black Hat Gallery -

Kat is a British artist, recognisable for her unique style.

Kat’s artworks have been displayed in London, Surrey, Leicester and Nottingham galleries and her artworks have been acquired by collectors based in various countries including UK, France, Italy, Russia and Malta. Kat’s works are inspired by travelling to beautiful places, beautiful people, dancing, reading and even her work as a charted accountant which she does part time.

Visit www.littleblackhatgallery.com and follow @khpenter on Instagram.



- Stefan Fransson -

My work explores how images can stay in the consciousness and merge with the present, sometimes, like what you saw in less than a second ago, but also with the more distant past. I compose endless layers of image fragments as transparent collages on top of each other, like memory flashes, mixed with other image elements. In my collages, I mostly work with photos that I take myself. I always have the camera with me. Therefore, my creations follow the seasons and the shifts of light. Right now I am experimenting with printing my pictures on different materials, such as glass and aluminum.

My images are published in several books and magazines, and I am represented in collections in Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, USA, Spain and Sweden. I live and have my studio in Stockholm, Sweden.






   - Olivia Collins -


Olivia Collins is an Australian Artist and Designer creating beautiful pieces for inspired living. Appealing to an international audience, Olivia's atmospheric landscapes and signature minimalist aesthetic command a sophisticated presence.



Contact Olivia via e-mail olivia@oliviacollins.com.au to arrange your exclusive commission or follow her at @oliviacollinsartist to keep up to date with new work from her studio.







- Softly softly -

Softly Softly Luxury Alpaca Travel Set

As the world opens up again the Softly Softly Luxury Alpaca Travel Set makes a perfect gift.

Exclusive to Softly Softly the set consists of a 100 % premium alpaca blanket, matching bag, contoured eye mask, alpaca socks and a filtered face mask.

The bag has a silk lining so can be turned inside out and used as a silk pillowcase, the socks are super soft and cosy.  The eye mask is shaped so it does not rub on your eyes or eyelashes.  The comfortable cotton face mask has two replaceable filters. The alpaca blanket can also be worn as a shawl or scarf.  Available in light grey herringbone or navy.

For Abode 2 readers we are offering a free pillow, filled with 100 % UK alpaca fibre.  Use code ABODE2 on the website, available while stocks last.  Offer until December 15th.




- Corazon - 

Corazon Co is a modern, bold, eco-conscious streetwear label that provides

fashionable, comfortable, ethically sourced apparel. You can feel good about your purchase from us because Corazon Co. is Fashion That Gives a F*ck ™️


We have partnered with a reliable network of sustainable suppliers that have in-house experts who craft every handmade product, with a made-to-order business model to allow us to operate in a safe ethical manner that has minimal environmental impact.  Our preferred suppliers provide ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX© certified ink and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX© certified material as well as certifications from SGS Printing, and FSC packaging made from 100% recycled materials. Zero inventory and ethically sourced materials eliminates environmental risks by excess stock and mass production.


We are far from where we want to be, so that's why we are working behind the scenes, constantly searching for new ways to incorporate higher quality materials and sustainable ways of business as we grow. Our goal is to grow, learn, do better, wherever, whenever possible while always keeping the Earth and our people in mind. Like we said, it's Fashion That Gives a F*ck™️









- GSK -

Award-winning luxury vegan handbag brand, The Morphbag by GSK, brings versatile styling solutions to busy women.

London-based sustainable lifestyle brand, The Morphbag by GSK, redefines fashion handbags with its timeless and versatile design concept in three colour-coordinated options. It combines aesthetics, functionality, luxury, and sustainability to provide multi-tasking women with everything they need in a single brand.

Italian born Giovanna Sessi-Knott is an award-winning luxury handbag designer, a slow fashion advocate and founder of The Morphbag by GSK in 2018.Eluxe Magazine Slow Fashion Award judges “This is a really innovative concept, and really, it’s the only bag you need in your wardrobe!”

The Morphbag woman is busy, seeks practicality without wanting to compromise on her appearance. She is timeless and effortless in her style, a conscious shopper and invests in pieces made to last.



- Bagpad London -

Bagpad provides a unique and elegant solution for keeping luxury handbags in shape when not in use. Bagpad is specialised in all luxury brands like Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, and offers custom handbag shapers for any handbag. All handbags are best stored with a Bagpad inside to keep them in perfect shape and prevent any creasing in the material.

The Bagpads are available in premium velvet fabric and the softest, most luxurious faux fur available. They protect from excessive moisture to keep the handbags in perfect condition for longer. The Bagpads can also be personalised with monogramming, making it a perfect gift for any handbag collector. Whether traveling, storing, or displaying handbags, the Bagpad is an easy, practical, and sustainable solution.

Bagpad is committed to do its part to save the planet: from using recyclable packaging and biodegradable materials, to supporting environmentally friendly initiatives. By offering a long-term solution for keeping handbags in shape, the use of plastic and paper is reduced.

All Bagpads are proudly handmade in London and can be customised to fit any designer handbag by carefully measuring the bag. By protecting the leather from creasing and ensuring that the handbag is kept in perfect shape, the life of the handbag is prolonged.



- Leumas S.T. -

Developing waves by being a bold Luxury brand, Leumas S.T. represents the person of the future, past, and more importantly that person of right now.


Love Brown Pump

This classic pump is suggested for a dinner date, courtside bopping, kickback pregaming, or however you choose. Accentuating legs of any kind, you will stand tall and out with our lovely classic pump.

  • 4.5-inch stiletto heel
  • Point toe silhouette with authentic python snakeskin detail
  • Smooth outsole with embedded logo, and rubber ball front comfort pad
  • Lightly padded footbed, with stamped logo






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