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Providing a tailored, all-encompassing online learning experience that uses ground-breaking teaching techniques has given Pearson’s a unique edge. Abode2 asks the important questions


Can you give us an overview of Pearson Online Academy UK Global?

Pearson Online Academy UK Global is a high-quality personalised online private school delivering Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs and A Levels for 14–18 year olds that can be accessed virtually anywhere. We inspire and empower our students to achieve academic excellence through our affordable, online education that prepares them for brilliant futures.

Our students have an understanding of world events, can assess their own values and know what’s important to them, take and share their learning in the real world and get involved in their local, national and global communities. They have the strength and conviction to voice their opinions and speak out and challenge ignorance and intolerance. By working alongside peers from other countries, students broaden their understanding of different cultures and build an international network of friends.

Our teachers are subject-area masters who are also expertly trained and supported through ongoing professional development in working with students one-on-one and in small groups, using online learning best practices.


How do you ensure that students are mastering both knowledge and skills?

We do this in a number of ways, through LiveLessons, data monitoring and assessment and via one-to-one sessions with teachers and Success Coaches.

Our flipped classroom approach sees students work through interactive self-study materials which allows them to develop an understanding of subject content, which is then followed by a LiveLesson session in a virtual classroom.  Here, our expert teachers are able to explore the students’ understanding of the self-study material and encourage them to apply and extend their knowledge.

Quizzes and checks for understanding are particularly useful in assessing comprehension in online learning. Our students receive assessments regularly, in both their self-study materials and LiveLessons.

In addition, during or after a self-study lesson, students do a self-assessment check to help gauge their level of understanding, interest and effort.

Regular one-on-one meetings with their teacher and Success Coach help our students set learning aims and reflect on their progress towards these goals. This continuous engagement with teachers is central to the success of online learning.


How do you encourage engagement, and monitor non-verbal cues and interactions in the absence of a physical classroom?

In a face-to-face classroom environment, good teachers can ‘read’ the class and react to cues such as body language, facial expressions and non-verbal behaviours, then adapt the lesson accordingly. We can still do this during online learning but in a more personalised way.

Our LiveLessons and dedicated one-to-one sessions allow teachers to ‘read the virtual classroom’. With much smaller groups of students, it can be easier to pick up on non-verbal cues as children compete less for the teacher’s attention.

During these sessions, our teachers work with small class sizes in real-time, offering targeted instruction, based on insights generated throughout students’ self-study. Teachers explore students’ understanding of the material, stretch and challenge their knowledge, and use a range of interactive tools including polls, questions, and feedback to promote engagement.

The interactive self-study materials give students greater opportunities to reflect on and think deeper about their studies. It also frees up our teacher’s time for regular individual and group support, where students can interact and participate in discussion, making it easier for them to engage with the learning process.


Is the programme wholly academic, or do you also focus on extra-curricular activities?

Our extracurricular programme helps our students develop leadership skills, perfect their English communication, build relationships, and allow them to serve their global and local communities.

Our online clubs and activities let students pursue their interests. Clubs are open to every year group and allow students to deepen their learning and engagement, while forging friendships with other students. This is an important part of our commitment to preparing students for success in higher education and beyond.

Our online extracurricular opportunities range from academic clubs to high-interest social activities, all designed for a well-rounded school experience. Your child can delve into opportunities such as gaming and technology, math competitions, chess club, science, blogging, or even robotics.


Online schools are gaining in popularity. What makes Pearson Online Academy UK Global stand out?

Our school can be accessed anywhere and at any time.  Within the structure of a complete school programme, students’ study from home, enjoying a carefully designed combination of LiveLessons with expert teachers and flexible self-paced learning, all pursued in the company of fellow students across the world. The guidance of an online Success Coach helps keep students on track and allow them to thrive with their education.

Our technology is proven. In addition to the structures needed for ongoing academic success, students have access to sophisticated tools for collaboration and communication, building a community that transcends geography.

Our learning is personalised. Students can follow an individual learning pathway, working through self-study materials at a pace that suits them, stretching them where possible, with more support when required.

Our experience is vast. For over 20 years, Pearson has been supporting online schools to engage and flourish. At present, over 105,000 students at online schools around the world, are using our digital platforms to support their learning.

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