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A course with Regent can change your life - providing you with the knowledge, skills and performance in a second language which help you to excel in your job, win a promotion or a place at university. Whatever your goal we help you to achieve it while we challenge you to set yourself even more demanding targets. Our unique course design, highly effective methods and positive, professional teachers all help to create a dynamic learning environment.

Our courses maintain a structured approach with clear learning outcomes. Our brand values shine through our courses:

Inclusivity – Our students form a community with the staff. Teachers and office staff are involved in our programme of social activities and events, which links with the educational programme. Students feel recognised, valued and helped to belong.

Positivity – Our students are helped to develop positive beliefs about themselves and their ability to grow linguistically and in other ways to attain their goals. We use coaching techniques to make their progress visible to both themselves and others within the community.

Results focused – Our students are helped to achieve the results they need for the next stage in their life or career. Many take IELTS, Linguaskill or Cambridge Exams.


Regent was one of the earliest groups of English language schools in the UK. The first school, Regent London, was established in 1964 by passionate British Council teacher David Mariano who wanted to run a proper school, with proper teachers and proper courses, in sharp contrast to the poorly organised schools he had seen first hand.

Regent's reputation stems from this strong educational leadership. David recognised the importance of creating a community of learners and staff, arranging the school common rooms to enable a learning community to develop. He hired bright, lively teachers able to inspire the student. He added language laboratories to help build learner autonomy. He set up a publishing company to produce professional materials for students.

The history of Regent is filled with pioneering academic innovation: the first summer school was created in 1965; small group courses (6 participants) were established in 1972; a unique home tuition programme was launched in 1995; the English World course including 1:1 coaching and the ground breaking Knowledge for a Global Community class started in 2010.

Today, teachers are still hired for their ability to inspire. People have always been recognised as being important within Regent and unsurprisingly, training and development are deeply embedded. Many leaders of the UK ELT industry have come from Regent, from British Council Chief Inspectors to a previous Chairperson of English UK.

We are proud of our positive, inclusive community of learners and staff. We understand that knowing about English is not enough – what is important is the ability to successfully use English in life. By being recognised and valued within our community, learners are elevated to seeing their goals and aspirations more clearly, to believing in themselves more fully, and to achieving more than they thought possible. By doing so we help students to go beyond their own expectations of themselves


Regent courses take place in schools that are accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English, and that are owned by Instill Education:

London - courses are operated by Regent London

Cambridge - courses are operated by OISE at Cambridge

Oxford - courses are operated by OISE Oxford

Regent at Stowe - courses are operated by OISE Young Learners

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