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Pearson Online Academy UK Global

Pearson Online Academy UK Global is a fully online affordable private school delivering International GCSEs and International A Levels for students aged 14-18.  We bring digital knowledge and curriculum expertise into the homes of students around the world. We’re passionate that all our students flourish by guiding them through their journey of excellence and ensuring they are prepared for their futures in higher education.

Offering Pearson Edexcel International GCSEs in English Language A, English Literature, Maths A, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business and Computer Science, as well as International AS and A Levels in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Economics. Our educational programmes have been specifically designed for digital learning and combine independent study and LiveLesson sessions guided by expert teachers.

Recruited from around the world our teachers are passionate about their subjects and have expertise in delivering a British curriculum to the highest level as well as online teaching experience that will keep students engaged and enthusiastic about their studies. Pearson Online Academy UK Global students study from home joining LiveLesson sessions in real-time virtual classrooms, completing homework assignments, working on projects, collaborating with peers, and interacting with teachers, just as they would in a traditional school. Without the distractions found in typical classrooms, our students spend their time focusing on their coursework and pursuing their passions.

Every student at Pearson Online Academy receives a personalised learning plan designed with their goals in mind. Our Success Coaches work with your child individually to discover their strengths, provide ongoing support, and help them achieve their full potential. Our Success Coaches are trained professionals and SEND specialists. They help work through things like stress, conflict management, and other challenges that may arise. We’re dedicated to ensuring your child has access to the most promising post-secondary opportunities. Whether they need help registering for admission exams or scheduling university open day visits, our dedicated team is there to help.

Currently taking applications for September 2021 – to find out more or to make an application visit ukglobal.pearsononlineacademy.com

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